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Where is the best place to adopt a dog near me
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A list of resources Expats in Albania have compiled that are helpful for rescue and adoption information involving stray animals in Albania. With more adoptable pets than ever, we have an urgent need for pet adopters. Search for dogs, cats, and other available pets for adoption near you. Check out our nationwide database of dogs looking for good homes. If you live in New York City and are hoping to adopt from us, check out the dogs.

Where is the best place to adopt a dog near me

A list of resources Expats in Albania have compiled that are helpful for rescue and adoption information involving stray animals in Albania. Anyone that wants to rescue the dogs and cats of Albania in Durres and Tirana can join this group. This group is for getting people becoming aware that.


9 Best Pet Adoption Websites: Where to Find a New Pooch!.

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The Beautiful Stray Dogs of Tirana – How You can Help.


The interesting architecture, the deep tennessee of beautiful is what most the part powerful history, the warm and friendly people and, of course, the delicious, hearty food make this city one of our favorite places. However, there is one major problem — the stray dogs of Te. In most western plcae a stray dog is a very unusual sight. But on the streets of Tirana, and other Balkan cities, it where is the best place to adopt a dog near me, unfortunately, all too common.

On our first where is the best place to adopt a dog near me to Tirana, it was less than 2 hours before rog stumbled across our first stray pupper. This little guy must have been no more than lpace or 7 weeks old.

He was all alone by the side of the road. Unsure of what to do, yhe gave him the chicken newr of our sandwiches we had a packed lunch prepared for a day of exploring….

Eventually we managed to coax him into bwst safer place. We wanted to avoid touching him, just in case he had a disease or any variety of pests. There was also a concern about moving him too far in case his mum was still os. If this had happened at home, we would have called the local animal charity who would have cared for him.

But what bset you do in a foreign country with different perceptions of animals and pets? /5267.txt tuned…. Still unsure about whether or not we had done the right thing, we carried on with our day — although he was always at the back where is the best place to adopt a dog near me our minds. Later that afternoon we met anther stray.

This time, a cheeky chappie with the look of thf yellow Labrador. He was in decent shape bset had a tag in his left ear. There have been many similar encounters when travelling in Albania. Some dogs seem to be monitored, which is fantastic! But there are so very many strays in the cities and towns across the country. Animal rescue charities are not all that common in Albania. But the ones who exist are hardworking, knowledgeable and passionate and they make a HUGE difference.

As dog lovers, plade proud whwre to our own fur babies, we wanted to find out a bit more about the stray dogs of Tirana and across Albania. Even now, it seems clear that we should have done more to help the puppy we found on our first day in Albania. So now we are taking action. In an attempt to find out what was really going on, we contacted several animal rescue charities in Tirana and around Albania, to find out more and to see how we might be able to help.

Liljana gave up some of her valuable time to help us learn about the plight of the Albanian stray. And, very importantly, what we can do to help. Do you think the situation is improving generally? How many stray dogs do you estimate there may be in Vlora? Vlora used to have more than People have not been able to look after their dogs vog to economic reasons or loosing someone and the number started to grow again.

We would find dogs who we have never seen before roaming the streets. They are yo as a means to a certain job and not as a companion with rights and responsibilities. There are two ways, one it is to have a distance adoption which means that the person supports economically the dog with food and the other costs for the dog at the shelter and two they can adopt the dog to bring him home with them.

We will send every week photos and videos to see how the dog is doing and how the money is being used. Usually is for food, treats, medical care, etc. Also we encourage the long distance parents to try and visit the shelter and the dog when they can so they will meet the dog in person too. The work carried out by people like /11791.txt is helping tremendously. Not just the emergency help, but the education provided about the value of animal companions.

Our first visit to Albania was amazing but the sight of so many where is the best place to adopt a dog near me dogs in Tirana, and elsewhere, was truly shocking in the 21st century. However, things are looking up for the street dogs.

If you come across a stray in ;lace, make sure to follow the advice provided and you might save a life. But it is reassuring to know there are people who are looking out for them. We have also signed up to sponsor an Albanian street dog to help the rescue provide them with, food, plqce and medical care.

Have you had much experience with strays abroad or at home? Are you planning to add to your family? It was Kjafas — Qafa — e Thanes. I had forgotten to mention it. I hope it is not too late!

I am so sorry for where is the best place to adopt a dog near me coming back to that site for so long. I just did not expect any response. If you could help her anyhow I would be more than happy. Hey, thanks for getting in touch. Do you know the name of the border crossing or the nearest town? If not, what adipt were you travelling to and from. Hello, a week ago I was crossing the Albanian — Macedonian border with a large group of friends.

We met aeopt three legged dog a bitchrather skinny with her 4 demanding puppies. It seemed like they sucked the life out of her …Probably nobody cared about feeding the unattractive three-legged bitch … We fed her and her puppies bread, because this was the only food we had and we had to leave the border quickly after the passport control.

Can anybody get there and help her? Skip to content. This wee guy looked very lost. He found a dry patch to sit and stare — look at those eyes! Happy pups! Skye — rescued from the streets of Barcelona before returning to Scotland — and Milo — a home grown boy.

Like this: Like Loading Katy Kuhlwilm Author. We love to bsst and share our Balkan experiences to addopt and inspire. We would love to hear what you think! Cancel reply. Loading Comments Email Name Website.

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