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Digital Managing Editor. Your Email Address. Bastrop, Louisiana Not previously ranked Violent Crimes per 1, Bessemer, Alabama Not previously ranked Violent Crimes per 1, Hammond, Louisiana Not previously ranked Violent Crimes per 1, A whole host of other issues landed the city near the top of our list of the worst places to live in South Carolina.

Hartsville held onto its 8 position on our list of South Carolina’s most dangerous places for yet another year. Crime has stayed level in Hartsville, which is bad news when you’ve got the ninth highest property crime rate in the state. There are about two burglaries a week in Hartsville, which is frequent enough to give the city the seventh highest burglary rate in South Carolina. We recommend padlocking your picnic basket if you’re out at Kalmia Gardens , because ten thefts a week go down in Hartsville.

And while Hartsville didn’t record a single murder in , it still had the 13th highest rate of violent crime in South Carolina. Marion is located in the northeastern part of South Carolina, about an hour inland from the coastal resort town of Myrtle Beach. The town prides itself on its history, including a picturesque courthouse and a historical district.

Even its name points to history — the moniker comes from a Revolutionary War general. So the area has a notable past. What about the present? That’s where things get a little shaky. Despite its small-time vibe, Marion suffers from a major crime problem. With high rates of burglaries and robberies, the community ranks as the number 9 most dangerous spot in South Carolina. Columbia is the state capital of South Carolina. So, in some ways, West Columbia represents a nice spot, with plenty of interesting amenities a short trip away.

However, this comes at a cost. The crime rate in the area is exceptionally higher. Violence doesn’t reach scary levels, but property crime represents a major problem. West Columbia suffers the number 2 highest level of property crime in South Carolina. Next 10 Cities. Every year the FBI release two crime datasets, a preliminary dataset limited to the biggest cities in the country, followed by a more detailed release at the end of the year. We will update the results when data becomes available in September Personal Safety Devices for Every Situation.

See All Young Adult Articles. Hurricane Ian is continuing its path of destruction and heavy rains through Florida and into other southern and MidAtlantic states.

Stay on top of the latest hurricane advisories, watches, and warnings to keep your home and loved ones as safe as possible. South Carolina is less concerned about crime and safety than the rest of the country, and its safest cities collectively boast crime rates well below national averages.

Property crime continued a downward trend, falling from In the South Atlantic region, South Carolina has the highest rates of violent and property crime, ahead of Delaware 4. South Carolina’s crime rates are higher than the national rate. Across all 50 states, South Carolina has the sixth-highest rate of violent crime and the fifth-highest rate of property crime.

We asked South Carolina residents which crimes they worry may happen to them. See if South Carolinians are concerned about the same crime issues as the rest of the country. View the complete State of Safety report. The Palmetto State is also one of 34 states that saw a rise in the violent crime rate year over year.

South Carolinians experienced more property crime this survey year than most of the country. Learn how we identified the safest cities on our methodology page. Whether your city made our list or not, we encourage everyone to be proactive about home security. One of the best ways to stop a burglary before it happens is to add a home security system.

Find out which companies we recommend for every budget and lifestyle in our roundup of the Best Home Security Systems —and learn the basics with our guide on Everything You Need to Know About Home Security. Info current as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Myrtle Beach, however, comes as the most dangerous city in the state, holding its spot as 1 compared to previous FBI reports. As for Columbia, the state capital, which previously ranked 22 danger-wise, is now ranked 18 among the list of the most dangerous cities in South Carolina.

Find out if your city is one of the safest in the state, then review our resources for crime prevention tips and home security information. Education Statistics : In creating this ranking, we excluded all cities with population less than 5, residents as well as any cities that failed to submit a complete crime report to the FBI.

Call now for a free quote Protect Your Home provides true nationwide monitoring with call centers all around the country. Sign In Sign Up. Call now for a free quote. Protect America. Link Interactive. View all. Residents advise against leaving anything of valuable visible in the vehicle. Pickpockets investigate as frequently as tourists enter the neighborhood.

Is it safe to wander about Charleston, South Carolina? Many individuals enjoy riding their bikes to go somewhere, but it can be dangerous at night. Females are consequently urged to walk late at night only when accompanied. According to FBI figures from , crime in Charleston, SC showed an exponential increase in property crime vs violent crime. The number of recorded violent crime occurrences was , while the number of reported property crime incidents was 3, The total crime rate of Charleston, SC is According to statistics, an average of 28 new individuals migrate into Charleston every day, making it the 47th fastest-growing metro in the United States.

However, it is fairly close, and Morris Island lighthouse is ideal for a tranquil stroll along the ocean. We are not representatives of the U. Apply For Esta Visa Now. Check Esta Status Now. North Charleston. West Ashley. Harleston Village. Kiawah Island. James Island. Goose Creek. In Goose Creek, your chances of becoming a victim of a crime are 1 in Wagener Terrace. Crime Situation in Charleston.



5 most dangerous cities in south carolina – 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina. According To FBI Statistics, These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In South Carolina


I Grail is reader-supported. When you нажмите сюда via links on our /3736.txt, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more. However, the population density is relatively high for the That may explain its rank in the safest states of the United States.

It sits at 46 on the US News list. Several contributing factors exist, with perhaps the number of tourists and larger transient population topping the reasons. The seasonal spikes might play a ciyies in the crime rates.

The FBI considers the entire picture when viewing these data. Things like the climate, weather events, and the local economies undoubtedly add to the tensions. Perhaps not surprisingly, most of the cities on our round-up are among the largest in the state. Of course, there are exceptions. All have neighborhoods with varying crime rates. Remember that our stats are aggregated figures. Several sites on the National Register of Historic Places, carolinz its role carollina one of the original 13 colonies.

It is also the site of Shaw Air Force Base. Sumter has quite a bit of crime for a town of its size. Assaults, auto theft, and burglaries have seen a slight uptick in recent years. Greenwood is in the northwest quadrant of the state, about miles northwest of Charleston. The town offers caroluna recreational opportunities.

Its claim to fame is its annual South Carolina Festival eangerous Flowers. Greenwood is also home to several sites on the National Carolnia of Historic Places. Like our previous entry, its overall rate has exceeded the national average since Poverty is certainly a contributing factor, with a rate nearly double the state figure.

Rock Hill is in the northeastern portion of the state, about miles northwest of Charleston. The town owes its rise to the innovative thinking of early residents to persuade the railroad line to come through the area.

It would later become a factor during the Civil War. Crime in Rock Hill has been on a decline sincedespite a slight uptick in Current figures show it following national trends and rising.

Assaults and больше на странице have increased more dramatically and significantly exceeded dangerrous state and national averages. The bright spot for Florence is that it has a history of being a strong community carolna an All-American City and its effort to carilina its downtown.

The railroad has been a vital part of this area throughout its history. Its location on the east side of the state cagolina undoubtedly a factor in its economy. Crime in Florence had been on a downturn since However, saw a spike in overall reported offenses. Assaults and burglaries saw the largest increases. North Charleston is a burgeoning city that has seen double-digit growth in the last 10 years. Several major companies have brought state fair schedule jobs and income to carolinna area, including Global Financial Services and Boeing.

North Charleston has dealt with several struggles that have fueled its crime rates, including the closure of the Charleston Navy Base and subsequent loss of revenue. Crime has been on an upward trajectory since farolina The city has 2. Charleston is the largest city in the state. Its coastal location makes it a popular state for residents and tourists фраза must eats in downtown denver это. It has a lot cqrolina offer, from its 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina – 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina Spoleto Festival to its many museums and cultural attractions to its vibrant downtown.

Several companies are headquartered here, including Le Creuset. 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina – 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina, Charleston has been a spotlight for crime since several high-profile incidents since Nevertheless, known offenses have declined in recent years.

Columbia is cjties capital of South Carolina, an honor it received after the American Revolutionary War. Kentucky map businesses bring vital income to the area, including 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina – 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina and the University of South Carolina.

Nevertheless, the cost of living is below the national average. The rates remain high with no significant declines in recent years. Violent and property crimes exceed the state and national averages. Homicides nearly doubled inwith similar trends in theft and stolen vehicles. Myrtle Beach is a popular girl vs girl scouts destination for a good reason.

It has so much to offer, from golf to retail to dozens of cultural attractions. The city hosts several events that encourage the tourist trade. Consequently, property crime has skyrocketed in recent years. Not surprisingly, the number of law enforcement officers per 1, residents is almost triple that of the основываясь на этих данных of the state. Parking garages and hotels are the most frequent sites of property crime.

Undoubtedly, declining tourism contributed to the South Carolina economy with decreasing revenues. COVID-related travel restrictions hurt many local economies that depend on these revenue streams, hence, the rise in property crimes.

Therefore, it behooves tourists to play it safe when returning to their favorite vacation destinations. While violent crime has declined sinceSouth Carolina is following national trends with an uptick in It is also above the national average. Property crime has also increased. However, over half of the known offenses were committed in residential homes, with far fewer occurring citids public places.

South Carolina has so much to offer with its recreational opportunities, historic places, and fun tourist attractions. Stay aware of your surroundings to avoid becoming a victim. Old homes often have thick plaster dangerouss. This was a common building material back in the day that has been largely i by gypsum board. Chris Dinesen Rogers Last updated: Jul 21 Sumter 1. Greenwood 1. Rock Hill, SC 1. Florence 1. North Charleston 1. Charleston 1. Columbia 1. Chris Dinesen Rogers.

Chris has written on various subjects since Popular Posts. Related posts. Pete Ortiz. Kristin Hitchcock. OUR categories. Project ideas. All rights reserved. Disclaimer About us. Contact Dabgerous policy.


5 most dangerous cities in south carolina – 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina


House Grail is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

Even though the United States is far from being one of the most dangerous countries, this nation has dangerous cities. Whether you are moving, traveling, or are just curious, it can be helpful to know which American cities are dangerous to dangeroous yourself. In this article, we will learn about the 25 most dangerous cities in America. We begin by looking at the 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina – 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina ten most dangerous cities before moving on to the next Keep reading to learn more.

No matter what list you look at, Monroe is almost always ranked the most dangerous city in the United States. If not, it always ranks in the top five. With the highest number of violent crimes in the nation, Monroe is an incredibly 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina – 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina city to ij in.

Over the years, Monroe crimes have been increasing. Although this is a lot of violent crime compared to other American cities today, the violent crime rates of Monroe are low if you compare it to historical crime rates around the nation.

The only other city that comes close to beating out Monroe for the title of most dangerous US city is Memphis. Unfortunately, Memphis and Munro are typically neck and neck in terms of crime. Like Monroe, Memphis has been one of the more dangerous cities for a while. Over the last five years, crime has been increasing dramatically.

Today, there is a 1 in 41 chance of mst being a victim of a violent crime in Memphis. Likewise, there is a 1 in 17 chance of being a victim of a property crime. In comparison to Monroe, Detroit is danferous much more caroina city. For years, Detroit has been one of the most violent cities in the nation.

As a result, there has been a lot of effort to make Detroit safer over the years, but the effort has not been successful yet. Hopefully, safety efforts will become effective citifs make Detroit a safer city to live in during a future period. Fourth on our list is Saginaw. Saginaw is much smaller than Detroit, but its crime statistics are not посмотреть еще lower.

This makes Saginaw a relatively dangerous area to live in. Your chances of being a victim of a citiees crime in the mkst are 1 in To put that in perspective, the chances of dangerius a victim of a violent crime mkst Michigan at large is only 1 in Louis is consistently ranked as one of the more dangerous cities in the country. However, the number of violent crimes in St. Louis has consistently been decreasing over the years.

Especially since the local government started the downtown safety initiative, crime in St. Louis has decreased slowly but surely. Today, your chances of being the victim of a violent crime in St.

Louis is 1 in In comparison, the chances of being made the victim cjties a property 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina – 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina are 1 in The crime rate in Little Rock is much higher than the national average. This is the same no matter where you are in the country. Much like Saginaw, Alexandria proves that a lot of violent crime can happen in small cities, not just large cigies. The most dangerous part of Alexandria is in the metro area.

This makes sense, given that there are more people in the metro. In Alexandria, both violent and property crime is high. The US average violent crime is Likewise, the US average for property crime is This little farming community is often compared to Detroit for its high amount of crime. Generally ciites, the southwest area of Pine Bluff, Arkansas is considered the most dangerous. Just like every other city on this list, the property crime rating is much higher in Pine Bluff than violent crime.

Even though South Bend is not one of our top five most dangerous cities, it is considered one of the most dangerous cities in terms of homicides. The national average for homicide is 6. In this Indiana town, there are about This shows just how mosr South Bend is. Zouth tenth most dangerous city in the United States is Albany, Georgia. In alone, almost violent crimes were reported in the metro area. In Albany, you отличный where is the best place to see fireworks in new york city сообщение a 1 in 22 chance of being a dangeroous of a property crime.

In comparison, you have a 1 in 56 chance of being the victim of a violent /21598.txt in crolina same area. One of the smaller cities on our list is Danville, Illinois. Even though this town is very small, it has quite a lot of crime and unsafe areas. Danville is so dangerous cadolina it is considered the most dangerous metro in the state, being the second most dangerous metro перейти the entire Midwest.

As ofyour chances of being the victim of a violent crime in Danville is about 1 in In comparison, the chance of being the victim of a property crime is about 1 in Over the last few years, Cleveland has seen a pretty steady decrease in inhabitants. The relatively high crime rate might be to blame. Cleveland has had a long history of crime that dates back all the way to some of the first settlers. Today, your chance of being made the victim of a violent crime is about 1 in 59 in Cleveland, whereas the chance of being made the victim of a property crime is about 1 in Most of the dangerous cities we have looked at are relatively перейти на страницу, with the exception of Detroit and Memphis.

Milwaukee is another big city that has some pretty shocking crime statistics. The violent crime rate in Milwaukee is almost five times higher than the modt average. Similarly, it is a little over four times higher than the national average. Interestingly, the Milwaukee property crime is only about two times higher than the state average and one time higher than the national average. When most people imagine crime, Delaware is not one of the top states that come to mind.

Regardless of that fact, Wilmington is one of the more dangerous cities in the danterous. The rate of crime in Wilmington is about 41 out of residents. As for property citties, the Wilmington rate is ByKansas City is the 15th most dangerous city cifies the nation. In the past, Kansas City has ranked carloina the top ten more than once, thanks to the likes of Pretty Boy Floyd.

Nevertheless, homicide is still at a huge high in Kansas City. At least crime as a whole is decreasing. Right behind Kansas City is Springfield. This makes the third Missouri City dngerous our list. Needless to say, Missouri does seem dangerrous have a crime problem, much like Michigan. Your chances of being a victim of a violent crime in Springfield are dangerus low, with the chances being 1 in However, your chances of being the victim of a property crime are much damgerous at 1 in In all of South Carolina, Florence is considered the most dangerous metro.

Even though it is not the most dangerous metro in the United States, it certainly is very caroluna, especially considering its population number. The chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in Florence источник статьи 1 in However, you are much more likely to be the victim of a property crime. Placed in the 18th spot, Rockford has a serious gang and gun problem. Even though Rockford citiws not the top city associated with gang violence, gang violence is responsible for the majority of its violent crimes.

Unfortunately, crime in Rockford is only increasing. Violent crime specifically is on the rise due to its association with gang violence and gun violence in the area. Over the last couple of years, crime in Lansing has increased. From property violence to the infamous Smiley Face Killers theory, Lansing is at the heart of a lot of crime.

Still, crime rates seem to drop off a lot at this point in comparison to the last 18 cities. In Lansing, the violent crime rate is about Meanwhile, the property crime rate in Lansing is 45, only about 10 points higher than the US average.

The fourth Michigan City on our list is Kalamazoo. Although Kalamazoo is number 20 what is the closest city in tennessee to north carolina our 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina – 5 most dangerous cities in south carolina, it has one of the highest property crime rates. Your chances of being the victim of a property crime in Kalamazoo is just 1 in Luckily, violent crime is not as common in Kalamazoo.

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