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How do you get alligator tags in south carolina
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We believe that the cost of the hunt, as well as monitoring of the alligator population and the hunt itself should be self-sustaining with the costs borne by the participants. I was unable to apply for the alligator hunt until the last day of the application period June 15th.

Won’t this hurt my chance of being selected? Not at all. The computer selection process treats all applications submitted during the application period the same whether you apply on the first day, last day, or any day between May 1st and June 15th.

My friend wants to apply but he doesn’t have a computer. How can he apply? A credit card or debit card will still be required. I do not have a credit card to pay for the application. Can I mail in a check? Unfortunately, at this time only those applications accompanied with a credit card or debit card payment can be processed at this time.

This applies to in-person applicants as well. I do not like to pay for things online because I do not want to put any kind of account information on the Internet, shouldn’t there be an alternate method of payment? The online payment system is secure. Many people do not realize that if you have any kind of bank account, credit card, loan, or mortgage, your information already exists on the Internet in a database that you or other banks can access remotely by computer.

Every effort has been made to keep your information private. I was selected and paid for the permit but my plans have changed and I cannot hunt this year. Can my friend use my permit, or can I get a refund? No, alligator permits are non-transferrable. Alligator hunting permits are issued to the individual that was selected for the hunt. Only the person selected during the drawing can be issued and use the alligator permit. No refunds will be issued.

I was selected for the hunt, but I have not paid for my permit yet. However, my plans have changed and I cannot hunt this year. Can I get a refund? Yes, you can apply for any combination of units, including or up to all units i. Does it matter what order I put the units on the application page? Yes, select the management units in the order you would prefer to hunt. Select the site you would like to hunt most in the first slot, the second slot for the next preferred site, and so on.

If there are any management units where you do not wish to hunt do not list them on the application. I was selected for this year’s hunt and I want to hire a guide that is skilled in alligator capture and hunting.

Can I do that? Yes, as long as everyone who participates is a licensed SC hunter resident or nonresident and at least one member of the party has a current alligator permit and tag. However, only the permit holder may take the alligator.

Actually, DNR encourages alligator hunters to take other licensed hunters with them to assist with the hunt. My friend wants to ride in the boat with me while I go alligator hunting. He just wants to tag along. Does he have to have a license just to watch or film us? Anyone 16 years of age or older riding in the boat with an alligator hunting party would be considered assisting in the alligator hunt, and must have a SC Hunting License.

Please note: any accompanying boats must be within direct sight and sound of the permitted alligator hunter at all times. Alligator hunting equipment is not allowed on any companion boats unless another permitted alligator hunter with an unused tag is aboard. There are restrictions regarding the use of airboats in certain waters and during certain times of the year. Early waterfowl seasons Canada goose or teal could be in effect during the alligator hunting season that may preclude the use of airboats in parts of Lake Marion and the Santee Swamp, and in portions of Horry and Georgetown Counties.

Restrictions on use of airboats. As used in this section, «airboat» means a watercraft propelled by air pressure caused by a motor mounted on the watercraft aboveboard. A It is unlawful for a person to operate an airboat on the public waters of this State from the freshwater-saltwater dividing line, established by Section , seaward. Once selected, you and your assistant need to have a valid hunting license when you go alligator hunting.

The process of acquiring a license might be similar throughout the United States, but the system that grants people the opportunity to hunt is practically different compared to the other previously mentioned states. In fact , only Alabama residents over 16 years of age can avail of the standard alligator tags.

The prospective hunter can only choose one of the designated zones, usually every year in the month of August. The random computer selection of hunters in every designated zone typically starts within the month of July. All prospective applicants must hunt within only one unit throughout the hunting season, usually from September to October. The minimum requirement of alligator size caught has to be four feet or longer in terms of length, and you are only allowed to catch one alligator per permit.

Tagging alligators shorter than four feet is illegal. This series presented a clear view of the lifestyle and culture centered on alligator hunting that goes well beyond the stereotypes presented by mainstream media e. In order to understand alligator tags price , one must first understand that tags are not simply something that can be purchased per item.

On the contrary, prospective hunters acquire the license to kill alligators, not the number of tags per se. For one thing, tags do not float. One can easily lose them and, worse, they cannot be replaced. Apart from successfully killing a huge alligator, you should always keep the tags secured at all times. If one successfully kills and bags the huge reptile, tags must be placed 6 inches from the tip of the tail immediately before its relocation from the hunting site.

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How do you get alligator tags in south carolina.Alligator Season – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Be sure to write down your user ID and password using exact upper and lower case characters you chose. Groups hunting together are considered 1 party. Selecting the same unit more than once does not increase your odds of being selected for that unit.


– How do you get alligator tags in south carolina

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Applications will be received online from May 1 through p. Maybe your request is incorrect? Anyone may assist a permitted hunter during the hunt, but all assistants must possess a hunting license unless they are under the age of

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