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In the 90s and early s we had somewhere around six different gay bars перейти на источник the area. Photo via lexingtonglass. Fights may break out. When most folks think of foodie cities, I doubt this city comes to mind but let me tell you, the ls scene is one of the biggest perks of living in Asheville! We enjoy the mild mountain climate.


– 7 Reasons to Consider Living in Asheville | The Cliffs


Learn why we love living in Asheville, NC. Have all of your questions answered about things to do, is asheville a good place to live best Asheville neighborhoods, WNC weather, and the pros and cons of moving to Asheville. We moved to Asheville, North Carolina in and have never regretted that decision. With our weekend plans to Puerto Rico thwarted, is asheville a good place to live needed a backup plan.

Why not visit Asheville? We both had never been but heard wonderful things. What started as a whirlwind 3-day tour turned into the start of our move to Asheville in under two months. Who knew? Not us! So, what pushed us over the edge to consider moving to Asheville?

For one, we were New Englanders living in Florida, and Florida was just not for us. Florida was hot, humid, and lacking in the culture посетить страницу craved. We had lived in Central Florida for over 8 years. It was time for a change. Two, we could both easily work in Asheville based on our jobs, and three, those gorgeous mountains. Not to mention that we loved the foodie scene, endless hiking, craft beer, and mild seasons, including a vibrant fall.

Why move to North Carolina? What are the best neighborhoods in Asheville? What do we do for fun? Is Asheville expensive? What is the political climate like? Most importantly, what are the pros and cons of living in Asheville? Ultimately, is Asheville a good place to live? After answering these questions individually over and over again, we figured it was time for an article.

Below find out why we love living in Asheville, NC along with our recommendations, advice, and personal experience. We frequently update this article. Read more about the best Asheville neighborhoods. This post may contain affiliate links that earn us a commission at no extra cost to you.

Many of these questions include: Is Asheville, NC a good place to live? What is it /15948.txt to live in Is asheville a good place to live How about retiring in Asheville? What is there to do, do you recommend a particular realtor, and how can we make friends?

What are the best Asheville neighborhoods? We will try to answer many of these questions about Asheville, NC living throughout this article. Please keep in mind that these are just our opinions and experiences. Yours may not be the same. We are not journalists, and we are not realtors. We are also not a massive media site with employees. Lastly, know that we do not have children and chose to buy a house before moving here. We made an offer before leaving, and it was accepted.

We flew back up from Florida to close on our AVL house, and within months, we packed up and drove to our new Asheville home. Our jobs remained the same with the relocation, and we were not first-time buyers. All of those elements factored into our moving to Asheville experience. My husband can add Virginia and New York. I am a sucker for seasons, outdoor sports, and a mix of city and country life. So, why would others consider moving to Asheville, North Carolina?

There are craft breweries on every corner. If you have food preferences or intolerances, the delicious Asheville restaurants will easily cater to you without rolling their eyes or messing up your order. Plus, Asheville welcomes everyone. Black Lives Matter murals covered the downtown buildings during peaceful protests. The city is filled with beautiful street art and history.

Our neighbors are both young and old. This is rarer in Asheville than in Florida. Plus, we have Biltmore Estate, an arts district, and a liberal city in a fairly purple-red state. Keep in mind that parts of Western North Carolina are extremely conservative. The larger cities run more liberal.

Tired of generic Asheville travel itineraries? Experience Asheville like a local with our free Asheville Favorites checklist, including restaurants, breweries, and hiking. Plus, get local updates — including events and hidden gems — straight to your inbox. Sign up here. Along those lines, why would anyone live in Asheville over another growing city like Nashville, Knoxville, Austin, Greenville, or Dallas? We would advise visiting the places you are comparing and spending as much time there as possible.

Get a feel for the culture, the people, and what you personally value most. Some places will have more traffic, fewer jobs, a higher cost is asheville a good place to live living, and different things to do for fun. For us, we had some expected as well as oddball musts. We wanted a two-story home with a basement Florida, remember …. I also needed a strong GI office close by.

After living in such a flat state filled with suffocating heat and humidity, we hoped to see light snow again — but not CT blizzard-level. We love the outdoors and craved spending our autumns and summers exploring the waterfalls and swimming holes. We found all of this in Asheville, along with endless things to is asheville a good place to live. This sounds cheesy, but we just knew in our hearts that Asheville, NC living felt right for us.

We are kidding. Truth bomb, though: ForU. News ranked Asheville as the 14th best place to retire. Asheville has quite a bit of diversity with a metro population estimated to grow to almost half a million by And yes, people both love and hate — really hate that fact — and argue fiercely about it on FB threads.

Plus, we have the University of North Carolina Asheville — a liberal arts college — responsible for about 3, young adults. We early voted on this beautiful campus in At different times of the year, you will see an influx of tourists and snowbirds.

Does this is asheville a good place to live to be a bit much? You bet. But, tourists help the local businesses thrive — myself and this site included. Locals know the off-seasons and adjust accordingly. Yes; Asheville has a growing unsheltered population. Beloved Is asheville a good place to live is a non-profit organization that works with people in need of shelter and supplies as well as challenges that people is asheville a good place to live.

The city has been trying to resolve housing issues and be more supportive of unsheltered camps. Is asheville a good place to live of these camps have issues with crime and drug use is asheville a good place to live and are removed.

You may also see people asking for money at heavily trafficked intersections. Fights may break out. In downtown Asheville, you will find people — not all homeless — asking for food and money as well.

Which always brings us to the uncomfortable question: Are the locals friendly toward newbies living in Asheville, NC? Do they want us there? Is there visible tension? Lately, our inbox is flooded with specific questions about Californians and Floridians moving to Asheville, NC — there are a ton of us in слова. maine lobster roll вешь well-established, older neighborhood.

We had always heard that locals cities between asheville nc and atlanta ga – cities between asheville nc and atlanta ga the influx of people moving in, the overdevelopment, gentrification, and, rightfully so, the increased traffic. There will always be heated debates over housing and congestion.

Fall foliage адрес страницы season is also out-of-this-world busy. We have never met anyone face-to-face who has expressed any concern for having us here. Luckily, new friends embraced us with open arms and booze — transplants and locals, alike.


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