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Is charleston an expensive place to live
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Charleston, South Carolina. Our cost of living indices are based on a US average of An amount below means Charleston is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above means Charleston, South Carolina is more expensive. Charleston cost of living is Start Your Review of Charleston. Members receive 10 FREE city profile downloads a month, unlimited access to our detailed cost of living calculator and analysis, unlimited access to our DataEngine, and more.

Enhanced Cost of Living Calculator Now includes childcare, taxes, health, housing for home owners vs renters, insurance costs and more when you upgrade to premium. Log In Sign Up. Cost of Living in Charleston, South Carolina. Cost of Living US Avg: Select Map Options. Reviews for Charleston 77 Reviews. Frightening rate of medical malpractice. My sister died there for Read More.

Agree Disagree Paradise lost! I initially moved here 20 years ago because the people were so nice, no traffic, great choice of hospitals, The population growth, commercial development and high density housing builds are all out of control.

The roads are not You can also use our New Interactive Map to explore places. Try Now. All rights reserved.

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– Is charleston an expensive place to live


Becoming a Charleston resident means benefiting when corporate America decides to move south. For instance, South Carolina property taxes rank among the lowest in America.

The effective real estate tax rate in SC is 0. Purchasing a home at a comparable price could cost you more in taxes in a state that requires a higher obligation from homeowners. Contact our knowledgeable real estate team to learn more today! We set out to be different from other traditional real estate firms in Charleston right from the beginning.

We deliver exceptional service for clients at every turn. We’d love to help! Interested in Learning More? Find Out More. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Newer neighborhoods are popping up to accommodate the need for young families eager for an active lifestyle, easy access to downtown, and a quick hop to the beaches. Mount Pleasant This quaint town lives up to its name.

With a charming, walkable center and some of the best-rated schools in the area, Mount Pleasant, SC, is one of the most desirable areas for families.

From the No. News and World Report—ranked Academic Magnet High School to Wando High and the Charleston School of the Arts, the city consistently earns top marks for good schools with highly dedicated teachers and administrators.

Tech gigs, in particular, are booming with an influx of multinational corporations setting up headquarters in the immediate area. And hospitality jobs continue to increase as more tourists and new residents discover Charleston — thus the need for more hotels and restaurants.

But living outside the city requires a car or the ability to use rideshare services. Of course, urbanites in neighborhoods like Upper King or Harleston Village can walk practically everywhere. But for the outlying areas, motorcars are a must. Once only found in the Sunshine State, these odd little critters which are actually a type of fly have migrated northward during the past few decades into the entire Southeastern region, including South Carolina.

The amorous bugs are harmless but annoying as they splat onto cars during their biannual Lowcountry visits. Ready to start living your best life in Charleston? Children under six years old ride free with a paying passenger. A discounted fare of 75 cents per ride is available for disabled passengers.

Uber and Lyft provide rideshare services for the region. Price per mile is 99 cents. The city has physicians per , people in Charleston—considerably more than the national average of physicians per , people. There are at least childcare centers in Charleston, while there are 80 afterschool programs available for school-aged children in the metro area. The South Carolina Voucher Program provides financial assistance to eligible families to help them pay for child care so that parents can work.

While the U. However, rates vary depending on the nanny’s experience, as well as the number of children and their ages. Founded in , the waterfront city of Charleston is known for its scenic beauty, rich history, restaurants, shopping and thriving arts community.

The city has been cited among the country’s top 10 cities for theater. Charleston features many historic sites and museums. The South Carolina Aquarium is known as the city’s number one family attraction. Here, visitors can see more than 4, different animals and even interact with some of them. Price a Job for Free. By Topic. Pay Equity. By Industry. Retail and Customer Service. Agencies and Consultancies. Browse all solutions. End comp guesswork with our free job-pricing tool.

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Is charleston an expensive place to live


Charleston is the largest and oldest city in South Carolina. You can find it on Charleston Harbor, which serves as an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean thanks to the confluence of three rivers: the Ashley, Wando, and Cooper. About , people live in the city, but the greater metro area that includes Berkeley and Dorchester counties is about , people. It quickly became the fifth-largest city in the colonies, playing significant roles in the slave and pirate economies that formed in the area.

Despite the overall size of the city, it remained unincorporated throughout the entire colonial period. You can still the rich history of the city, both the good and the bad, with its well-preserved architecture, excellent restaurants, and hospitable atmosphere.

Since , it has earned three awards for being the friendliest city in the United States. It is very easy to get around Charleston when you want to enjoy a day out. Charleston is a fairly popular coastal city. There are almost 1 million people in the entire metro area.

It would be ridiculous to say that there are no traffic issues, but the commuting experience is much more tolerable here than in communities of similar size along the eastern coast. The weather tends to be beautiful throughout the year as well, which means cycling and walking are options for some people.

You can raise a family in Charleston without much difficulty. The soothing sound of the frogs at night will help to put you to sleep once you get used to the experience.

The combination of marsh grasses and salty air gives you the feeling of a slower pace of life. Some neighborhoods are better than others, so look for spots in Summerville, Moncks Corner, and West Ashley. It is almost impossible to run out of things to do in Charleston.

There is something for everyone in Charleston, which is why it is such a popular place to live. The parks in the city are always beautiful, especially places like Cypress Gardens. You can find over acres of paths and trails to enjoy at James Island County Park.

You can always so surfing, sailing, fishing, and kayaking along the intracoastal waterway if you wish too. Every block tells a story worth hearing when you live in Charleston. Whether you tour some of the old plantation houses in the region, take a ferry to Fort Sumter, or walk through an old church with a cobblestone foundation, the atmosphere here is quite remarkable.

You can literally stand on the location where the American Civil War began when you start living here. There are lots of cultural and creative events to enjoy in the city. One of the oldest community theater groups in the United States is located in Charleston. There are several other options to enjoy in this category as well, such as the Footlight Players or the Dock Street Theater. Make sure that you take some time to visit the USS Yorktown during your time here.

The Charleston Museum and the Gibbes Museum of Art are excellent examples of what to expect from a cultural standpoint as well. Charleston proves that southern hospitality is a real thing. Most of the people you will encounter in the city are friendly and welcoming in a genuine way. Every day feels more like a holiday than a working day. Your fuel costs are going to be lower when living in Charleston.

Transportation costs in Charleston tend to be lower than in most other cities in the east and south because the taxes on fuel are significantly lower.

This increase was also the first time in nearly three decades that a change to the tax rate occurred. Some households can qualify for a fuel tax credit in Charleston based on the income information from their annual tax return. There are a lot of outdoor activities for you to enjoy in Charleston. When you start living in Charleston, then you will find that the number of outdoor activities you can enjoy will help your family have a lot of fun experiences. If you head out to the islands across the intracoastal waterway, there is even a chance for you to see a pod of dolphins every now and again.

Water sports are a popular way of life when you call Charleston home. Shem Creek is the perfect place to take a boat.

Fishing either deep in the Atlantic or in the intracoastal waterway is a common activity. Kiteboarding, surfing, and paragliding are available too. If you like to get outside then this advantage is definitely worth some consideration. Your property taxes are comparatively low when living in Charleston. South Carolina charges the fifth-lowest rate in the country, which means the median is below 0.

The crime rate in Charleston is impressively low for a metro area of its size. The current crime rate is just Even when something does occur, the incident usually involves some form of opportunistic property crime. Charleston has an unmatched culinary scene. One of the best options is to head out toward Mount Pleasant, where the acre estate was founded in It has made several movie appearance, grows its own produce, and then you can make your way over to Boone Hall Farms Market to enjoy the rewards.

The Ordinary offers a fantastic seafood and oyster bar, one of several you can enjoy from the area. Then grab the fried green tomatoes from 82 Queen, along with their shrimp and grits, for a small sampling of what the area provides. Flooding is a common issue in Charleston. If your house is located in a designated flood zone, then your insurance costs are going to be much higher than you might estimate. Hurricanes can be a problem in Charleston. Keep an eye on the sky during the summer months to see if thunderheads start to build, and then take cover as needed to protect yourself.

Hurricanes Matthew, Irma, and Floyd all caused significant problems for the city and the rest of the stand when they made landfall. The tax situation in Charleston can be less than favorable for some families. Clothing in Charleston and the rest of South Carolina is subject to a tax rate of 8. The city even taxes your purchases at a restaurant at a rate of There are the state income tax issues to consider when living in Charleston, SC as well.

There is no differentiation between filing statuses here. Get ready for the bugs when you live in the city. Charleston benefits from some coastal breezes that can keep the biting insects away, but it is only a temporary reprieve.

Mosquitoes can be especially problematic at dusk during the summer months. The wildlife around the city can sometimes be dangerous. There are alligators that live in and around the Charleston area. South Carolina receives about complaints about these animals each year. About half of the reports involve individuals that are less than five feet in length and weigh 22 pounds or less. Most of them dine on small snakes, turtles, and crawfish. It is the adult animals that are problematic, reaching lengths of 13 feet.

If you encounter an alligator when living in the city, then keep a safe distance from the animal. Do not feed them either — it makes them bolder.

Then stay away from babies because the mother is likely close by. Get used to construction being in your face when living in Charleston. Because of the salty air, flooding issues, and lowland nature of the city, road construction is a constant way of life when living in Charleston. Some areas of the surrounding metro area are outgrowing their capacity because of how popular this region is right now, which means your quick commute can be surprisingly long sometimes.

There are many homebuilding activities occurring throughout the region as well, along with other projects that can interrupt your daily routine. The idea of unsweetened iced tea is one that will bring you some dirty looks when you start living in this city. Sweet tea is more than a way of life here. It is a tradition that works with almost any meal.

If you have sensitive teeth, then it can even make them ache because of the sweetness. When you combine the other sweet foods you can encounter here, the shift in culinary preference can be somewhat challenging to manage. Two words come to mind when eating in South Carolina: hot sauce. The food in Charleston can be incredible. It can also be doused in a healthy amount of hot sauce at some location. It is not unusual to put the spicy brew on about everything you eat, which means your ghost chili breath is going to require some adjustments over time.

There are positive gains from a taxation standpoint, but there also increases in healthcare and utilities that can offset some of those gains.

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