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What does r.e.a.l stand for in computers

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Computer is not an acronym , it is a word derived from a word «compute» which means to calculate.




R.E.A.L. – Definition by AcronymFinder.Common Computer, IT, and Technology Abbreviations


Q.2 What does ICT stand for? ICT stands for ‘Information and Communication Technology; generally utilized in PCs, tablets, and phones for. REAL ; REAL, Remote Electronic Access for Libraries ; REAL, Rhymes Equal Actual Life (rapper KRS-One; circa ) ; REAL, Rural Economic Assistance League (Texas). (of an image) of a kind in which the light that forms it actually passes through it; not virtual.



– What does r.e.a.l stand for in computers



(of a thing) not imitation or artificial; genuine. CPU – This stands for the Central Processing Unit of the computer. This is like the computer’s brain. HDD – This is an acronym for Hard Disk Drive. › meaning-of › technology-IT › REAL.

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