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Beyond the clear does n carolina have alligators of the situation, the sensational national headlines, combined with a separate incident in late June where video captures an alligator easily scaling an eight-foot fence, have people in sub-tropical climates in the U.

A foot gator was seen blocking traffic on a back road in Brunswick County. In New Hanover County, a 9-foot alligator had to be removed from a neighborhood. At Oregon Inlet, a boater spotted a gator swimming. And a well-known, foot alligator in the Dare County swamps, was struck and killed on U.

One of the hardest things to do with alligators is to count them, привожу ссылку to their reclusive nature. With this in mind, recent studies have shown an uptick in alligator population, though scientists note that alligators tend to live in bunches.

For example, in a population count that overlapped between and79 alligators were found to be living in Orton Does n carolina have alligators, a acre lake south of Wilmington. The previous study, performed indocumented only 40 alligators. If you see an alligator, leave it alone! If you simply leave an alligator alone, it will eventually move on in a few hours or days.

Do not feed alligators or try to move them адрес. If you need an alligator removed for safety reasons, contact a wildlife officer or public official in /621.txt area. While most animals simply need to be removed from property, a dangerous animal like an alligator will likely need to be reported to authorities for safety reasons.

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NATURALIST’S NOTEBOOK: NC Alligator Population Growing, Still Vulnerable – CoastwatchCoastwatch – How Far North Are Alligators In North Carolina?


The researchers termed distribution as patchy, with clusters of gators found in decreasing numbers from South Carolina toward Virginia state lines. No statewide estimate was made.

Gators remain fully protected in North Carolina, unlike those in eight states from South Carolina to Arkansas and Texas, which allow hunting. The researchers concluded that the gators, which are at the northern end of their range in this state, could be vulnerable to hunting.

That compares to 10 years for Louisiana gators. Thus, removing females from the population could drive overall numbers down. Hunters would end up taking both males and females since the sexes look alike.

Gators over 10 feet in length are nearly always males, while those shorter than 10 feet can be of either sex. The study covered a similar list of lakes, rivers and swamps in 25 counties as a previous survey published in In and , researchers cruised waterways at night to determine gator presence, shining a spotlight to reveal their red-eye shine.

It’s most common to see gators along lakes, swamps and rivers. Wildlife officials say that people should avoid feeding animals that live on the water with alligators — like ducks, geese, fish and turtles.

Davis says people should stay the length of a school bus away from a small alligator and double that for adult alligators. In North Carolina, gators can be as long as 13 feet and weigh up to pounds. As temperatures drop outside, alligators burrow in the mud, hide in a den, or rest underwater.

They are rarely spotted during winter months. If an alligator becomes trapped in a swimming pool, or wanders into a public road and refuses to move, officials ask to call the N. Wildlife Helpline at Monday through Friday, 9 a.

Only employees with the Wildlife Commission or licensed agent can remove the alligator legally. Copyright by Capitol Broadcasting Company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Local News Don’t be bait: What to do if you see an alligator in NC Wildlife officials are warning North Carolina residents that they could see alligators this summer, and not to panic. Posted p. Jun 26, — Updated a. Alligator Safety Tips and Regulations Keep pets on a leash and do not allow them to swim, drink or exercise in or near waters where alligators have been seen. Watch young children closely and never leave them unattended near any body of water. Call to report an alligator near a home, business or disrupting traffic on a public road.

Visit bit. North Carolina is a birding paradise. Get up close to animals in the Piedmont and the mountains. Comments 9. Excellent article. We should keep in mind that alligators, like all moms, are quite defensive of their young. Great work! I believe alligators deserve our respect and protection!

They are vital parts of the ecosystems they inhabit! How do you swim safely in lakes and rivers of North Carolina when there could be a foot alligator swimming with you? I have done it but now, I am not sure. Please advise. Ivan, Thank you for the great question. We get this question a lot. There is no «safe» way to swim where there are alligators.

When you swim in the ocean, you are at risk of having an encounter with a shark. It is the same with alligators and ANY body of water near our coast has the potential of having an alligator Please visit our website alligatoralliance.

Further inland, the chances of encountering an alligator decrease, but the best way to ensure your swimming safety is to stick to pools and stay aware of your surroundings. Thanks for your question. Incoming and long time residents in Onslow and Craven counties are always shocked to learn of Alligators in the area.

It should be one of the first things briefed to incoming families as many see the postings near waterways as a joke. This is something we hear over and over again people moving to our coast and not being aware that we have alligators. We agree that newcomers and residents should be made aware of the potential to come across alligators in ANY body of water. We also suggest that people who are in charge of HOA meetings in subdivisions make it a point to inform current residents, as well as newcomers, about the dangers of alligators and how important it is not to feed them, approach them, or interact with them.

It is especially important to not let children, or pets anywhere near them. For more information about alligators in NC, please visit our website: www. I am from Northern California and July I had the opportunity to visit Lake Wacamaw with my in-laws and was excited to see the alligators living in the canal.

I had only seen them in the zoo, so seeing them in the wild was one of my dreams come true. The people living along the canal saw my excitement I am 53 years old and being careful , they came out and watched me. They are obviously pretty proud of their gators. Thank you for protecting these wonderful reptiles for others to see. This experience was one of the highlights from my summer vacation! I used to work maintenance for a condominium complex in Brunswick County, NC.

We had a couple of ponds that were stocked with fish.


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