Does thor stay fat in thor love and thunder.‘Fat Thor’ No More: ‘Love and Thunder’ Teaser Reveals Thor’s Weight Loss, Reignites MCU Controversy

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Does thor stay fat in thor love and thunder
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Although Thor has his Endgame weight when the trailer begins, it’s not long before there’s a brief training montage Thor exercising with chains and then the return of the muscular Thor from the pre- Endgame Marvel movies. While some fans were delighted to see a new side of Thor and of Hemsworth, especially in that viral video of Hemsworth singing ‘Hurt’ in character , others accused the movie of being fat-phobic since it frequently used Thor’s weight gain as a source of comedic relief. The Thor: Love and Thunder trailer confirms the superhero’s weight loss within its first 30 seconds.

Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi told Yahoo Entertainment before filming started on the movie that keeping «Fat Thor» was «an ongoing debate that we’re still having at Marvel,» adding, «We’re trying to figure out how long — how many months or years — this is after Endgame , at what point does this take place?

Hemsworth told Variety after the release of Endgame that he liked playing the heavier-set version of his superhero. And then it took on a life of its own. Expand the sub menu Awards Circuit.

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He played Fat Thor, or, Lebowski Thor, in the movie. Evan Romano. Probably not, especially considering Thor was able to use Mjolnir even when he was flabby in order to threaten gamers online. It’s possible Thor could do something much more detrimental in order to lose his place, which happened in the first Thor , though his ability to be an Avengers-worthy hero doesn’t seem to have any bearing on his physical fitness.

If it’s not tied to the story, there aren’t a lot of reasons for Thor to hold onto the weight. Of course, it would be funny to see Jane run into Thor while he’s still at peak fluffiness, if only to watch him live out the nightmare that many former couples fear.

As funny as that would be, it feels as though the well is dry on jokes that can be made at the expense of Fat Thor. Avengers: Endgame gave us plenty of screen time with that part of Thor, isn’t it high time we move onto something else? Personally, I see Thor losing his flab ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder , with it only being mentioned in passing or in some recurring gag.

Taika Waititi is a comedic mastermind , and chances are he’ll want to hit on some fresh stuff with Thor rather than revisiting an Avengers: Endgame joke that folks may already be tired of.

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Does thor stay fat in thor love and thunder

Get Me Out Of Here! Today’s headlines Most Read Massive explosion destroys the only bridge between Russia and Crimea in suspected attack by Ukrainian Another big question: what will Chris Hemsworth’s Thor do to lose the worthiness to wield Mjolnir?


More Fat Thor In Thor Love And Thunder? Here’s What Taika Waititi Says | Cinemablend – Will Thor Still Be Fat In Thor: Love And Thunder?


When Fat Thor, or Bro Thor, or whatever people like calling him, appeared in Avengers: Endgame , many audiences cringed at first. But as the movie progressed, and especially as he stayed fat even when he overcame much of his depression and found that he was still worthy, audiences started to love him.

Fat Battle Thor is a true hero. He gave his throne to Valkyrie and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. And this is a good thing.

Image: Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios. So yes, the Instagram videos are impressive. His six-packs have six-packs. Bro Thor was the lowest Thor ever went—not Fat Thor. Some people are naturally fat. And when a naturally fat person starts suffering from depression, they sometimes start losing a lot of weight.

This ends up being dangerous, as people start complimenting them just for losing weight even though they are suffering. And then there are people like Thor. His coping mechanism for his depression was food and alcohol—and a lack of movement, which is a major symptom of depression. As a result, we got Fat Thor. Yet, even after he avenged the world and started healing, we leave him fat but groomed—the first sign of change. In Love and Thunder , we need to see that he kept working on his mental health, and by working on his mental health, Fat Thor needs to shed some pounds slowly.

Actually, it depends on how much time has passed in the MCU. Fat Thor can also be a Happy Thor. It is tough to represent psychological healing in a visual form.

But films have to find other ways to show that healing without a ton of expository dialogue. Seeing a physical, yet exaggerated, representation of someone with a handle on depression could be inspiring. However, we can only get that exaggerated recovery from a superhero film. But he should still show imperfections in other ways. In fact, sometimes, the recovery process becomes a harmful coping mechanism because depression is evil like that.

In fact, that toxic coping mechanism can be exercise. Or Needy Thor. Or Social Thor. What does a social media addiction look like on a galactic scale? Roman Colombo finished his MFA in and now teaches writing and graphic novel literature at various Philadelphia colleges.

His first novel, Trading Saints for Sinners, was published in He’s currently working on his next novel and hoping to find an agent soon.

Image: Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios It is tough to represent psychological healing in a visual form. Featured Image: Avengers: Endgame. Marvel Who is Ironheart? Leave a comment. TV Shows.


Fat Thor controversy: The hero loses weight in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ – exclusive news.

So does that mean Thor should stay fat for Love and Thunder? It’s a silly question, to be sure, but there’s some substance lurking underneath that silly surface. Apr 18,  · The “Thor: Love and Thunder” trailer confirms the superhero’s weight loss within its first 30 seconds. “If Marvel had any guts they’d let Thor stay fat,” wrote /Film chief film critic. Apr 19,  · He’s also still fat. He dual wields Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, going toe-to-toe against Thanos, while fat. We get to see a fat superhero in action and he kicks ass. Being fat .

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