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By 1, B. Native American tribes including the Apalachee, Cherokee , and Choctaw lived here. In Georgia was established as the 13th colony, and in it became the fourth U.

Wonder how Georgia got its nickname? Cherokee Indians grew peaches in Georgia in the mids, and today the state produces about 2. Georgia is bordered by Tennessee in the north, South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean in the east, Florida in the south, and Alabama in the west. In the northwest corner of the state is the Appalachian Plateau, with deep caves and the 2,foot-tall Lookout Mountain. East and south of the Plateau region is the Valley and Ridge region, which has steep, rocky ridges above fertile valleys.

The center of the state is the Piedmont region, with valleys, low hills, and forests full of oak, hickory, and poplar trees. To the south is the Atlantic Coastal Plain, with rivers, waterfalls, and beaches. Full of twisting waterways, cypress trees, and alligators , the swamp is the largest in North America.

Simons , or sail across salt marshes to discover more remote islands. Black bears, bobcats , deer, and gophers are common in Georgia, and off the coast you can spot manatees , right whales, and humpback whales. Georgia is also home to bald eagles , peregrine falcons , and woodpeckers.

Kudzu is another common vine, and this one is a really bad neighbor. The Piedmont plateau extends from the foothills of the Blue Ridge south to the Fall Line , an escarpment to the Coastal Plain defining the state’s southern region. Georgia’s highest point is Brasstown Bald at 4, feet 1, m above sea level; the lowest is the Atlantic Ocean. With the exception of some high-altitude areas in the Blue Ridge, the entirety of the state has a humid subtropical climate.

Of the states entirely east of the Mississippi River, Georgia is the largest in land area. Before settlement by Europeans, Georgia was inhabited by the mound building cultures. The Trustees implemented an elaborate plan for the colony’s settlement, known as the Oglethorpe Plan , which envisioned an agrarian society of yeoman farmers and prohibited slavery.

The colony was invaded by the Spanish in , during the War of Jenkins’ Ear. In , after the government failed to renew subsidies that had helped support the colony, the Trustees turned over control to the crown.

Georgia became a crown colony , with a governor appointed by the king. The State of Georgia’s first constitution was ratified in February Georgia was the 10th state to ratify the Articles of Confederation on July 24, , [14] and was the 4th state to ratify the United States Constitution on January 2, After the Creek War — , General Andrew Jackson forced the Muscogee Creek tribes to surrender land to the state of Georgia, including in the Treaty of Fort Jackson , surrendering 21 million acres in what is now southern Georgia and central Alabama, and the Treaty of Indian Springs The resulting influx of white settlers put pressure on the government to take land from the Cherokee Nation.

In , President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act , sending many eastern Native American nations to reservations in present-day Oklahoma, including all of Georgia’s tribes.

Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling in Worcester v. Georgia that U. In , his successor, Martin Van Buren , dispatched federal troops to gather the tribes and deport them west of the Mississippi. This forced relocation, known as the Trail of Tears , led to the death of more than four thousand Cherokees. In early , Georgia joined the Confederacy with secessionists having a slight majority of delegates [16] and became a major theater of the Civil War. Major battles took place at Chickamauga , Kennesaw Mountain , and Atlanta.

With white Democrats having regained power in the state legislature, they passed a poll tax in , which disenfranchised many poor black and some white people, preventing them from registering. The overwhelming number of victims were black and male. The civil rights riots of the Sugar Bowl would also take place in Atlanta after a clash between Georgia Tech ‘s president Blake R.

Van Leer and Governor Marvin Griffin. On February 5, , during a training mission flown by a B , a Mark 15 nuclear bomb , also known as the Tybee Bomb , was lost off the coast of Tybee Island near Savannah. The bomb was thought by the Department of Energy to lie buried in silt at the bottom of Wassaw Sound. Julian Bond , a noted civil rights leader, was elected to the state House in , and served multiple terms there and in the state senate. Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. Ralph McGill , editor and syndicated columnist at the Atlanta Constitution , earned admiration by writing in support of the Civil Rights Movement.

In , newly elected Governor Jimmy Carter declared in his inaugural address that the era of racial segregation had ended. The busiest and most efficient airport in the world, it accommodates more than a hundred million passengers annually. As a testament to the city’s growing international profile, in the International Olympic Committee selected Atlanta as the site of the Summer Olympics. Taking advantage of Atlanta’s status as a transportation hub, in UPS established its headquarters in the suburb of Sandy Springs.

In , construction finished on Bank of America Plaza , the tallest building in the U. Beginning from the Atlantic Ocean, the state’s eastern border with South Carolina runs up the Savannah River , northwest to its origin at the confluence of the Tugaloo and Seneca Rivers.

It then continues up the Tugaloo originally Tugalo and into the Chattooga River , its most significant tributary. These bounds were decided in the Treaty of Beaufort , and tested in the U. Supreme Court in the two Georgia v. South Carolina cases in and The state’s western border runs in a straight line south-southeastward from a point southwest of Chattanooga , to meet the Chattahoochee River near West Point.

It continues downriver to the point where it joins the Flint River the confluence of the two forming Florida’s Apalachicola River ; the southern border goes almost due east and very slightly south, in a straight line to the St. Mary’s River , which then forms the remainder of the boundary back to the ocean. The water boundaries are still set to be the original thalweg of the rivers.

An survey erroneously placed Georgia’s border with Tennessee one mile 1. For instance, the region, which lies in the northwest corner of the state, includes limestone, sandstone, shale, and other sedimentary rocks, which have yielded construction-grade limestone, barite, ocher, and small amounts of coal. The state of Georgia has approximately tree species and 58 protected plants. Georgia’s native trees include red cedar , a variety of pines, oaks, hollies, cypress , sweetgum , scaly-bark and white hickories , and sabal palmetto.

East Georgia is in the subtropical coniferous forest biome and conifer species as other broadleaf evergreen flora make up the majority of the southern and coastal regions. Yellow jasmine and mountain laurel make up just a few of the flowering shrubs in the state. White-tailed deer are found in nearly all counties of Georgia. The northern mockingbird and brown thrasher are among the bird species that live in the state.

Reptiles include the eastern diamondback , copperhead , and cottonmouth snakes as well as alligators ; amphibians include salamanders , frogs and toads. There are about 79 species of reptile and 63 amphibians known to live in Georgia. It poses a problem to local wildlife by chasing down and killing many native species and dominating habitats.

The most popular freshwater game fish are trout , bream , bass , and catfish , all but the last of which are produced in state hatcheries for restocking. Popular saltwater game fish include red drum , spotted seatrout , flounder , and tarpon. Porpoises , whales, shrimp , oysters , and blue crabs are found inshore and offshore of the Georgia coast. The majority of the state is primarily a humid subtropical climate.

Hot and humid summers are typical, except at the highest elevations. The entire state, including the North Georgia mountains , receives moderate to heavy precipitation, which varies from 45 inches mm in central Georgia [32] to approximately 75 inches mm around the northeast part of the state. The latter factor is felt chiefly in the mountainous areas of the northern part of the state, which are farther away from the ocean and can be feet m above sea level.

Although tornadoes striking the city are very rare, [37] an EF2 tornado [37] hit downtown Atlanta on March 14, , causing moderate to severe damage to various buildings. With a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, Georgia is also vulnerable to hurricanes , although direct hurricane strikes were rare during the 20th century. Georgia often is affected by hurricanes that strike the Florida Panhandle , weaken over land, and bring strong tropical storm winds and heavy rain to the interior, a recent example being Hurricane Michael , [38] as well as hurricanes that come close to the Georgia coastline, brushing the coast on their way north without ever making landfall.

Hurricane Matthew of and Hurricane Dorian of did just that. Due to anthropogenic climate change , the climate of Georgia is warming. This is already causing major disruption, for example, from sea level rise Georgia is more vulnerable to it than many other states because its land is sinking and further warming will increase it.

Atlanta , located in north-central Georgia at the Eastern Continental Divide , has been Georgia’s capital city since It is the most populous city in Georgia, with a U.

Census population of just over , Atlanta is the nation’s ninth largest metropolitan area. The state has seventeen cities with populations over 50,, based on official U. Census data. Along with the rest of the Southeast, Georgia’s population continues to grow rapidly, with primary gains concentrated in urban areas.

The U. Census Bureau lists fourteen metropolitan areas in the state. The population of the Atlanta metropolitan area added 1. This was an increase of 1,,, or As of [update] , the number of illegal immigrants living in Georgia more than doubled to , from January to January , according to a federal report.

That gave Georgia the greatest percentage increase among the 10 states with the biggest illegal immigrant populations during those years. There were , veterans in As of [update] , Their ancestry primarily goes back to the original thirteen colonies and for this reason many of them today simply claim «American» ancestry, though they are of predominantly English ancestry. As of [update] , 7. Also, as of [update] , females made up approximately Historically, about half of Georgia’s population was composed of African Americans who, before the Civil War, were almost exclusively enslaved.

The Great Migration of hundreds of thousands of blacks from the rural South to the industrial North from to reduced the African American population. Georgia had the second-fastest-growing Asian population growth in the U. Georgia is the state with the third-lowest percentage of older people 65 or older , at The colonial settlement of large numbers of Scottish American , English American and Scotch-Irish Americans in the mountains and piedmont, and coastal settlement by some English Americans and African Americans, have strongly influenced the state’s culture in food, language and music.

The concentration of Africans imported to coastal areas in the 18th century repeatedly from rice-growing regions of West Africa led to the development of Gullah -Geechee language and culture in the Low Country among African Americans. They share a unique heritage in which many African traditions of food, religion and culture were retained.

In the creolization of Southern culture, their foodways became an integral part of Low Country cooking. In total, The other large body, Presbyterian Church in America , had at its founding date 14 congregations and 2, members; in it counted congregations and 32, members. Chabad and the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute are also active in the state. As with all other U. Both the Governor of Georgia and lieutenant governor are elected on separate ballots to four-year terms of office.

Unlike the federal government, but like many other U. States, most of the executive officials who comprise the governor’s cabinet are elected by the citizens of Georgia rather than appointed by the governor.

Legislative authority resides in the General Assembly , composed of the Senate and House of Representatives. The Lieutenant Governor presides over the Senate , while members of the House of Representatives select their own Speaker. The Georgia Constitution mandates a maximum of 56 senators, elected from single-member districts, and a minimum of representatives, apportioned among representative districts which sometimes results in more than one representative per district ; there are currently 56 senators and representatives.

The term of office for senators and representatives is two years. State judicial authority rests with the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals , which have statewide authority. Justices of the Supreme Court and judges of the Court of Appeals are elected statewide by the citizens in non-partisan elections to six-year terms. Judges for the smaller courts are elected to four-year terms by the state’s citizens who live within that court’s jurisdiction. Georgia consists of counties , second only to Texas, with Some counties have been named for prominent figures in both American and Georgian history, and many bear names with Native American origin.

Counties in Georgia have their own elected legislative branch, usually called the Board of Commissioners, which usually also has executive authority in the county. Georgia is the only state with current Sole Commissioner counties. Georgia’s Constitution provides all counties and cities with » home rule » authority. The county commissions have considerable power to pass legislation within their county, as a municipality would. Georgia recognizes all local units of government as cities, so every incorporated town is legally a city.

Georgia does not provide for townships or independent cities , though there have been bills proposed in the Legislature to provide for townships; [81] it does allow consolidated city-county governments by local referendum.

All of Georgia’s second-tier cities except Savannah have now formed consolidated city-county governments by referendum: Columbus in , Athens , Augusta , and Macon Augusta and Athens have excluded one or more small, incorporated towns within their consolidated boundaries; Columbus and Macon eventually absorbed all smaller incorporated entities within their consolidated boundaries.

The small town of Cusseta adopted a consolidated city-county government after it merged with unincorporated Chattahoochee County in Three years later, in , the town of Georgetown consolidated with the rest of Quitman County. Georgia had voted Republican in six consecutive presidential elections from to , a streak that was broken when the state went for Democratic candidate Joe Biden in Until , Georgia’s state government had the longest unbroken record of single-party dominance, by the Democratic Party , of any state in the Union.

This record was established largely due to the disenfranchisement of most blacks and many poor whites by the state in its constitution and laws in the early 20th century. Some elements, such as requiring payment of poll taxes and passing literacy tests, prevented blacks from registering to vote; their exclusion from the political system lasted into the s and reduced the Republican Party to a non-competitive status in the early 20th century.

White Democrats regained power after Reconstruction due in part to the efforts of some using intimidation and violence, but this method came into disrepute. The whites dealt with this problem of potential political power by the amendment, which in practice disenfranchised blacks and poor whites, nearly half of the state population. It required that any male at least 21 years of age wanting to register to vote must also: a be of good character and able to pass a test on citizenship, b be able to read and write provisions of the U.

Any Georgian who had fought in any war from the American Revolution through the Spanish—American War was exempted from these additional qualifications. More importantly, any Georgian descended from a veteran of any of these wars also was exempted. The qualifications of good character, citizenship knowledge, and literacy all determined subjectively by white registrars , and property ownership were used to disqualify most blacks and poor whites, preventing them from registering to vote.

The voter rolls dropped dramatically. Their additional rules, such as the eight-box law, continued to effectively close out people who were illiterate. For more than years, from to , Georgians nominated and elected only white Democratic governors, and white Democrats held the majority of seats in the General Assembly.

Legal segregation was ended by passage of federal legislation in the s. New white residents arrived through migration and immigration. Following support from the national Democratic Party for the civil rights movement and especially civil rights legislation of and , most African-American voters, as well as other minority voters, have largely supported the Democratic Party in Georgia.

While Democrats retained control of the State House, they lost their majority in the Senate when four Democrats switched parties. They lost the House in the election. Republicans then controlled all three partisan elements of the state government. Even before , the state had become increasingly supportive of Republicans in Presidential elections.

It has supported a Democrat for president only three times since In and , native son Jimmy Carter carried the state; in , the former Arkansas governor Bill Clinton narrowly won the state.

Generally, Republicans are strongest in the predominantly white suburban especially the Atlanta suburbs and rural portions of the state. One of the most conservative of these was U. Democratic candidates have tended to win a higher percentage of the vote in the areas where black voters are most numerous, [92] as well as in the cities among liberal urban populations especially Atlanta and Athens , and the central and southwestern portion of the state.

House of Representatives member Newt Gingrich being elected as Speaker of the House following the election of a Republican majority in the House in Gingrich served as Speaker until , when he resigned in the aftermath of the loss of House seats held by members of the GOP. Gingrich mounted an unsuccessful bid for president in the election, but withdrew after winning only the South Carolina and Georgia primaries.

Chambliss failed to acquire the necessary 50 percent of votes due to a Libertarian Party candidate receiving the remainder of votes. In the runoff election held on December 2, , Chambliss became the second Georgia Republican to be reelected to the U.

In the elections, the governorship remained under control by a Republican by 54, votes against a Democrat, Stacey Abrams , Republicans lost eight seats in the Georgia House of Representatives winning , while Democrats gained ten winning 74 , Republicans lost two seats in the Georgia Senate winning 35 seats , while Democrats gained two seats winning 21 , and five Democrat U.

Representatives were elected with Republicans winning nine seats one winning with just votes over the Democratic challenger, and one seat being lost. In the three presidential elections up to and including , the Republican candidate has won Georgia by approximately five to eight points over the Democratic nominee, at least once for each election being narrower than margins recorded in some states that have flipped within that timeframe, such as Michigan , Ohio and Wisconsin.

This trend led to the state narrowly electing Democrat Joe Biden for president in , and it coming to be regarded as a swing state.

In a study, Georgia was ranked as 49th on the «Cost of Voting Index» with only Texas ranking higher. During the s and s, Georgia made significant changes in civil rights and governance.

As in many other states, its legislature had not reapportioned congressional districts according to population from to after the census. Problems of malapportionment in the state legislature, where rural districts had outsize power in relation to urban districts, such as Atlanta’s, were corrected after the U.

Supreme Court ruling in Wesberry v. Sanders The court ruled that congressional districts had to be reapportioned to have essentially equal populations. A related case, Reynolds v. Sims , required state legislatures to end their use of geographical districts or counties in favor of «one man, one vote»; that is, districts based upon approximately equal populations, to be reviewed and changed as necessary after each census.

These changes resulted in residents of Atlanta and other urban areas gaining political power in Georgia in proportion to their populations. Economic growth through this period was dominated by Atlanta and its region.

It was a bedrock of the emerging » New South «. From the late 20th century, Atlanta attracted headquarters and relocated workers of national companies, becoming more diverse, liberal and cosmopolitan than many areas of the state. In the 21st century, many conservative Democrats, including former U.

Senator and governor Zell Miller , decided to support Republicans. The state’s socially conservative bent results in wide support for measures such as restrictions on abortion.

Hodges , all Georgia counties came into full compliance, recognizing the rights of same-sex couples to marry in the state. In presidential elections , Georgia voted solely Democratic in every election from to In , it did not vote for either of the two parties, but rather the American Independent Party and its nominee, Alabama Governor George Wallace. In , the state returned to Republicans as part of a landslide victory for Richard Nixon.

In and , it voted for Democrat and former Georgia governor Jimmy Carter. The state returned to Republicans in and , before going Democratic once again in For every election between that year and , Georgia voted heavily Republican, in line with many of its neighbors in the Deep South.

In , it voted Democratic for the first time in 28 years, aiding Joe Biden in his defeat of incumbent Republican Donald Trump. Prior to , Republicans in state, federal and congressional races had seen decreasing margins of victory, and many election forecasts had ranked Georgia as a «toss-up» state, or with Biden as a very narrow favorite. After no candidate in either race received a majority of the vote, both went to January 5, , run-offs, which Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won.

Ossoff is the state’s first Jewish senator, and Warnock is the state’s first Black senator. Biden’s, Ossoff’s, and Warnock’s wins were attributed to the rapid diversification of the suburbs of Atlanta [] and increased turnout of younger African American voters, particularly around the suburbs of Atlanta and in Savannah, Georgia.

Atlanta boasts the world’s busiest airport , as measured both by passenger traffic and by aircraft traffic. Atlanta has a significant effect on the state of Georgia, the Southeastern United States, and beyond. It has been the site of growth in finance , insurance , technology , manufacturing , real estate , service , logistics , transportation , film , communications , convention and trade show businesses and industries, while tourism is important to the economy.

Atlanta is a global city , also called world city or sometimes alpha city or world center , as a city generally considered to be an important node in the global economic system. For the five years through November , Georgia has been ranked the top state number 1 in the nation to do business, and has been recognized as number 1 for business and labor climate in the nation, number 1 in business climate in the nation, number 1 in the nation in workforce training and as having a «Best in Class» state economic development agency.

This lies within the range of Georgia’s median annual income. Widespread farms produce peanuts , corn , and soybeans across middle and south Georgia. The state is the number one producer of pecans in the world, thanks to Naomi Chapman Woodroof regarding peanut breeding, with the region around Albany in southwest Georgia being the center of Georgia’s pecan production. Gainesville in northeast Georgia touts itself as the Poultry Capital of the World.

Georgia is in the top five blueberry producers in the United States. Major products in the mineral industry include a variety of clays, stones, sands and the clay palygorskite , known as attapulgite.

While many textile jobs moved overseas, there is still a textile industry located around the cities of Rome , Columbus , Augusta , Macon and along the I corridor between Atlanta and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Historically it started along the fall line in the Piedmont, where factories were powered by waterfalls and rivers. It includes the towns of Cartersville , Calhoun , Ringgold and Dalton []. The first Kia plant built in the U.

Rivian , an electric vehicle manufacturer, plans to begin production at a facility in Social Circle in Industrial products include textiles and apparel , transportation equipment, food processing, paper products, chemicals and products, and electric equipment. Georgia was ranked the number 2 state for infrastructure and global access by Area Development magazine.

The Port of Savannah is the third-busiest seaport in the United States, [] importing and exporting a total of 2.

Hartsfield—Jackson Atlanta International Airport moves over , tons of cargo annually through three cargo complexes 2 million square feet or , square meters of floor space.

It has nearby cold storage for perishables; it is the only airport in the Southeast with USDA-approved cold-treatment capabilities. Delta Air Lines also offers an on-airport refrigeration facility for perishable cargo, and a acre Foreign Trade Zone is located at the airport. Georgia is a major railway hub, has the most extensive rail system in the Southeast, and has the service of two Class I railroads, CSX and Norfolk Southern, plus 24 short-line railroads. Georgia is ranked the 3 state in the nation for rail accessibility.

Rail shipments include intermodal, bulk, automotive and every other type of shipment. Georgia’s six interstates connect to 80 percent of the U. Southern Congressmen have attracted major investment by the U. These installations command numerous jobs and business for related contractors. Georgia’s electricity generation and consumption are among the highest in the United States, with natural gas being the primary electrical generation fuel, followed by coal.

The state also has two nuclear power facilities, Plant Hatch and Plant Vogtle , which contribute almost one fourth of Georgia’s electricity generation, and two additional nuclear reactors are being built at Vogtle as of The leading area of energy consumption is the industrial sector because Georgia «is a leader in the energy-intensive wood and paper products industry».

Excise taxes are levied on alcohol, tobacco, and motor fuel. Owners of real property in Georgia pay property tax to their county. All taxes are collected by the Georgia Department of Revenue and then properly distributed according to any agreements that each county has with its cities. Callaway Gardens , in western Georgia, is a family resort.

The Savannah Historic District attracts more than eleven million tourists each year. The Golden Isles is a string of barrier islands off the Atlantic coast of Georgia near Brunswick that includes beaches, golf courses and the Cumberland Island National Seashore.

King preached. The Atlanta Opera brings opera to Georgia stages. Authors have grappled with Georgia’s complex history. The first five episodes were shot on location in Conyers and Covington , Georgia as well as some locations in Atlanta. Production was then moved to Burbank, California. A number of notable musicians in various genres of popular music are from Georgia.

The city of Athens sparked an influential rock music scene in the s and s. Among the groups achieving their initial prominence there were R. Atlanta is mentioned in a number of these artists’ tracks, such as Usher’s «A-Town Down» reference in his hit » Yeah!

Sports in Georgia include professional teams in nearly all major sports, Olympic Games contenders and medalists, collegiate teams in major and small-school conferences and associations, and active amateur teams and individual sports.

The Summer Olympics took place in Atlanta. The stadium that was built to host various Olympic events was converted to Turner Field , home of the Atlanta Braves through The venue was also the site of the annual Chick-fil-A Bowl post-season college football games. He was from Narrows, Georgia and was nicknamed the «Georgia Peach».

There are 48 state parks , 15 historic sites, and numerous wildlife preserves under supervision of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Outdoor recreational activities include hiking along the Appalachian Trail ; Civil War Heritage Trails; rock climbing and whitewater kayaking. Georgia county and city public school systems are administered by school boards with members elected at the local level. As of [update] , all but 19 of boards are elected from single-member districts.

Residents and activist groups in Fayette County, Georgia sued the board of commissioners and school board for maintaining an election system based on at-large voting, which tended to increase the power of the majority and effectively prevented minority participation on elected local boards for nearly years.

Georgia high schools grades nine through twelve are required to administer a standardized , multiple choice End of Course Test , or EOCT, in each of eight core subjects: algebra , geometry , U. The official purpose of the tests is to assess «specific content knowledge and skills». Although a minimum test score is not required for the student to receive credit in the course, completion of the test is mandatory. This change is currently only in effect for the —21 school year.

Georgia has 85 public colleges, universities, and technical colleges in addition to more than 45 private institutes of higher learning. Among Georgia’s public universities is the flagship research university , the University of Georgia , founded in as the country’s oldest state-chartered university and the birthplace of the American system of public higher education.

The System includes 29 institutions of higher learning and is governed by the Georgia Board of Regents. Georgia’s workforce of more than 6. The HOPE Scholarship , funded by the state lottery , is available to all Georgia residents who have graduated from high school or earned a General Educational Development certificate.

The student must maintain a 3. The Georgia Historical Society , an independent educational and research institution, has a research center located in Savannah. The research center’s library and archives hold the oldest collection of materials related to Georgia history in the nation. The Atlanta metropolitan area is the ninth largest media market in the United States as ranked by Nielsen Media Research.

The state’s other top markets are Savannah 95th largest , Augusta th largest , and Columbus th largest. The Weather Channel also has its headquarters in Atlanta. By far, the largest daily newspaper in Georgia is the Atlanta Journal-Constitution with a daily readership of , and a Sunday readership of , Georgia Public Radio has been in service since [] [] and, with the exception of Atlanta, it broadcasts daily on several FM and one AM stations across the state.

WSB was only the second such operation founded in the Southern U. Transportation in Georgia is overseen by the Georgia Department of Transportation , a part of the executive branch of the state government. Other commercial airports ranked in order of passengers served are located in Augusta , Columbus , Albany , Macon , Brunswick , Valdosta , and Athens. The Georgia Ports Authority manages two deepwater seaports, at Savannah and Brunswick, and two river ports, at Bainbridge and Columbus.

The Port of Savannah is a major U. Formed in as strictly a bus system, MARTA operates a network of bus routes linked to a rapid transit system consisting of 48 miles 77 km of rail track with 38 train stations. MARTA also operates a separate paratransit service for disabled customers. As of [update] , the average total daily ridership for the system bus and rail was , passengers. The state has general hospitals, more than 15, doctors and almost 6, dentists.

Martin Luther King Jr. He was a civil rights movement leader who protested for equal rights and against racial discrimination. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in Van Leer played an important role in the civil rights movement, Georgia’s economy and was president of Georgia Tech.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the country at the boundary of Europe and Asia, see Georgia country. For other uses, see State of Georgia disambiguation. State in the United States. Brasstown Bald [1] [2]. Atlantic Ocean [1]. Main article: History of Georgia U. Main article: Geography of Georgia U. Main article: Geology of Georgia U. Main article: Ecology of Georgia. Main article: Climate of Georgia U.

Further information: Climate change in Georgia U. See also: Georgia census statistical areas. Largest cities or towns in Georgia U. Main article: Demographics of Georgia U. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Atlanta. Religion in Georgia [75] Religion Percent Protestant.

Main article: Government of Georgia U. See also: List of governors of Georgia and Georgia elected officials. Further information: List of counties in Georgia.

Main article: Elections in Georgia U. See also: Political party strength in Georgia U. Main article: Politics of Georgia U. It has been suggested that this section be split out into another article titled Economy of Georgia U. Discuss September See also: Georgia U. See also: List of gold mines in Georgia. Main article: Film industry in Georgia U. Flag of Georgia.

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