How to not cook mushy rice. Why Is My Rice Mushy? – A Simple Guide To Cooking Rice

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How to not cook mushy rice
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How to Fix Mushy Rice, Undercooked Rice, Crunchy Rice, and More Rice Cooking Fails | Epicurious –


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How to not cook mushy rice. How to Fix Mushy Rice, Wet Rice & Salty Rice


Strain the rice through a fine mesh sieve and repeat the process three more times, until the water runs clean. Seriously, this is important. The other contributing factor to mushy rice has to do with ratios, and getting the ratio right takes a few practice pots of rice. Not to mention that the brand of rice you use, the type of pot, and the way the lid fits all affect how the rice cooks. As you’ll notice when you’re practicing, the width and height of the pan will affect the rate of absorption.

How tightly or loosely the lid fits affects evaporation and how much water is lost and not available for the rice. One day, you may even spice your rice. Photo: Marcus Nilsson. One of the most overlooked steps in cooking rice is the resting period.

If you were to open the lid and spoon out rice just after water has been absorbed, you would find that the grains are unevenly cooked: firmer on the top and mushy on the bottom. You haven’t messed up; you just need to let the rice rest. Season it up, add some veggies, maybe some meat and call it congee, kind of a rice pottage that’s popular as comfort and sick bed food in some Asian cultures Why Does Rice Go Mushy? Prep Time: 3 minutes. Active Time: 15 minutes.

Total Time: 18 minutes. Difficulty: Medium. Tools Sieve Large Pan. Instructions Let the Water Evaporate If There is Water Still in the Pan If your rice is still in the pan but there is water remaining and the rice looks mushy, the best thing you can do is take the lid off the pan and let the steam out of the pan.

Drain the Water with a Sieve If the rice looks cooked but there is still water in the pan, you can simply drain the excess water using a fine mesh sieve. Repurpose the Rice When the rice gets mushy, that probably means that you cooked it too long with too much water.

Notes Sometimes the rice just can’t be rescued and making a fresh batch is the only way. Why is my fried rice mushy? Can you make rice cakes with overcooked rice? Is it safe to eat overcooked rice? Why do you need to wash rice before cooking? What is scorched rice?

Pauline Loughlin. How to Cook a Frozen Ham. How to Cook Frozen Bacon. Click here to cancel reply. Recipe Rating Recipe Rating. Maybe you have noticed that food in the fridge tends to get dryer when you leave them for a long time with no tight cover. Although this is undesirable when you want to store food, leaving the rice inside the fridge can be a great way to make it tasty again. Simply take a baking sheet and spread the mushy rice thoroughly.

Then you can cover it with parchment paper. This type of cover allows the rice to be exposed to the air, but other food cannot influence the rice flavor. Once it is less mushy, you can reheat it and enjoy a different result. Mushy rice might not be tasty to eat directly, but it can be used for many tasty recipes like sushi rice, fried rice, or rice pudding.

Frying mushy rice will help evaporate the excessive moisture inside the rice and offer you a great meal. Although it might not be as crunchy and separated as normal rice can offer, the fried mushy rice is an enjoyable dish. Rice is usually for savory dishes, but you can also make it into a delicious dessert. Here is my sticky rice pudding recipe:. Once you learn the proper way, you can make delicious and fluffy rice in rice cooker. So, if you want to know how to keep rice fluffy, follow my instruction below:.

Many people tend to cook the rice straight away from the package. However, this is a problem if you wish your cooked rice grains to be separated. However, there are easy fixes for almost any rice problem. Before you do anything, look it over. Is the rice actually burnt? If it’s tarmac black, toss it, because truly burned rice can’t be fixed.

But if the rice is not burnt but rather smells toasty and looks crispy like the photo above , that’s actually pretty great. Many cuisines the world over celebrate crispy rice: in Korean cooking, nurungji is the word for scorched or roasted rice; socarrat is the crispy base of Spanish paella ; tahdig is the golden crust at the bottom of Persian steamed rice which, just for the record, doesn’t always have to be rice.

If there are some golden brown bits at the bottom of your rice pot, use a wooden spoon to scrape them up, or—only if you must—pour in a small amount of hot water to loosen it. Maybe you cooked it at too high of a temperature, evaporating the water long before the rice actually cooked. Maybe you took the lid off of the pot too early, letting the steam escape. Maybe you didn’t add enough liquid to begin with. Be patient. Don’t raise the temperature to rush the rice—that’ll just put you right back where you started.

Instead, pour the rice into a fine-mesh strainer and, just as you would with pasta , drain the excess water and then continue with your recipe.


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