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About Mississippi Tornado Shelters Underground Tornado Shelters by Granger Industries World Class Manufacturing Granger Industrieshas a reputation of quality, capability and exceeding . Storm Shelters in Mississippi. Valley Storm Shelters, a leading designer and manufacturer of storm shelters and safe rooms, is now doing installations all across Mississippi. Based . Mississippi tornado and storm shelters available from American Storm Shelters and Vaults. We specialize in underground storm shelters and we also offer safe rooms and vaults. We can .


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Having a safe place to go in an emergency is an investment into the safety of your family. There are many different types of tornado shelters available and navigating these differences is the first step to making sure your investment goes as far as possible. When thinking about buying a tornado shelter there are many questions to answer. What type, size, material and installation requirements are usually the initial considerations.

There are many sizes and shapes of storm shelters. The size of a shelter needed is largely determined by the size of the family using it. Though most storms will not require long stays in a shelter, being sure there is comfortable seating and ample room for some emergency supplies is important. There is also the question of whether a below ground shelter or above ground shelter is right for your family.

Being in the ground is the safest place to be in a tornado and an in-ground shelter designed to protect you in these storms is safer than any basement. Any person who is physically able to get into a below ground unit is safest in the ground. For those who are not physically able to get into a shelter there are many above ground options available. Though above ground units have been known to perform well in tornados, being above ground simply is not as safe as being in the ground.

The door of a tornado shelter is also a very important element. For most underground units the door is the only part exposed to the tornado. Because the door being safe is such an essential part of being protected, FEMA requires shelter doors to be tested to withstand an F5 tornado.

Manufacturers of shelter doors that have been tested to withstand an F5 tornado should be able to verify that they have exceeded FEMA or FEMA requirements by documentation of the test. The material a shelter is made from dramatically influences maintenance and lifespan of this type of product. The state has also seen local catastrophes in the north and southern areas in recent years.

Mississippi has a history of record-breaking tornadoes , including some in and Tornadoes also seem to strike more often at night, and the many trees that form the landscape can make it difficult to spot tornadoes as they form. Storm Shelters in Mississippi. Other things to consider if you live in Mississippi are: Its location near bodies of water such as the Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain, and the Gulf of Mexico for those in the southern portion of the state.

The new partner was Jim Cravens, a strongly pursued associate of Mr. Grimes’ past in rotational molding. Jim was brought in during a significant duration of adjustment. A Mechanical Engineer by education and profession, Jim has over 25 years of experience in steel fabrications. He additionally delivers virtually twenty years of rotational molding experience to complement his vast understanding of steels and metal fabrications.

As possibilities originated from several new directions Granger continued its growth. As Granger Industries grew it started broadening in to a wide-ranging number of industries, OEMS and other companies looking to expand its manufacturing reach. This also allows for Granger to offer the most competitive prices for its clients.

Granger has made excellent strides in innovations of pigments, effects and various additives by working with industry leaders. These pursuits allow the business to stay front and center of rotational molding advancements. Its latest product additions include ForeverSafe Products , a line of theft deterrent cemetery products as well as the launch of Granger Aerospace Products and the substantial expansion into the air cargo and aerospace industry. Granger Plastics Company is a full solution custom rotational molding company.

It has a lengthy history making tornado shelters, which began soon after the firm was founded. Through years of experience of making shelters Granger had the opportunity to recognize some concerns customers voiced regarding the design and installation of pre fabricated tornado shelters. Though rotational molding is often utilized to provide a more durable product it was the encounters with consumer concerns that led Granger to craft its own shelter, the Granger ISS, to deal with the usual issues of this kind of item.

This foundation of manufacturing experience was the inspiration of the initial design of the Granger ISS which resolved several issues seen in the previous decade of manufacturing shelters for other businesses. Branching off into the exclusive style of the Granger ISS has allowed the improvements to proceed throughout the development of this item.

Installation was pertinent issue that shelter customers voiced concern over. This problem was the premise for the reversed taper design allowing for installation without extra anchoring. The door was additionally developed to be p with the ground rather than partially out of the ground or at an angle.


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