Most dangerous race tracks in the world. Ranking the 10 Most Dangerous Race Tracks in NASCAR

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Most dangerous race tracks in the world
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The most dangerous track statistically in NASCAR is Daytona International Speedway which has seen 14 driver fatalities since its opening in It is also the most likely track to see multi . Jan 11,  · While safety has come an incredible way in racing cars, some of the tracks we race on can still be incredibly dangerous. Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Nürburgring . Racetracks across the world have been deadly throughout their histories with deaths a common occurrence. Let’s take a look at the six most dangerous racetracks in the world. 6. Le Mans, .


– Most dangerous race tracks in the world


The Belgian track features rather high on the list of tracks where driver fatalities are most commonplace, and the Raidillon twists and turns really have been a magnet for problems over the years — even if the course remains a favourite with many professional drivers of all disciplines. With more than 20 fatalities, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway ring remains the most dangerous major racetrack on the planet.

More than 40 people have died at the Indianapolis , including drivers, mechanics, pit lane personnel and spectators , and one has died outside of the track during the race: the tragic tale of an eleven-year-old who lived in a house near the track and was hit by a tyre that had flown off a car and bounced out of the arena. With drivers regularly touching mph in events at the track, the risk is huge for everyone present on race day. More than 40 people have lost their lives in races at the multi-track facility, and arguably the most famous of these was Dale Earnhardt.

Sadly, his outing in the Daytona of would prove to be his last. Earnhardt was embroiled in a three-car crash on the final lap of the race, and died as a result of the injuries caused. NASCAR introduced a raft of new safety measures in the wake of his death, and since that fateful day in no other driver in the competition has suffered fatal injury at Daytona. However, deaths still continue to happen there in lesser-known super car, motorbike and go-karting competitions.

More than people have died here in public racing sessions, and the circuit has also claimed a number of lives in professional competition as well. Notably, there have been three deaths in Formula 1 competition here. Carel Godin de Beaufort and John Taylor died with two years of each other in and prior to a significant overhaul of the German layout.

He was the fifth person to die during or immediately after the set of turns known as Raidillon, with the most recent three deaths occurring in the past decade. A number of fatalities have occurred during endurance races, which suggests there are other factors beyond the track itself to consider, but the safety record of Spa unfortunately still leaves plenty to be desired.

Narrator: But it’s near the Ring’s end that drivers face one of the most daunting sections of racetrack in the world when it comes to elevation change. Located Known for its number of career ending accidents, there is zero room for error on this series of jumps and turns where drivers will find it nearly impossible not to go airborne.

Misha: So, you actually literally your car jump three times over I would say a period of one minute. Your car will be airborne one time straight before the braking zone, one time you will go a bit sideways maybe even in the air as well, and one time you will be going over mph over a slight bump while changing direction. So when you have a mistake there it will usually end up in a very, very – let’s say track closure.

People will have to close the track how bad of an accident it’s going to be. The Ring’s infamous turn they call Kallenhard, about 5 miles into the track, is the perfect example of just how blind these corners can be. Misha: It’s difficult because it’s very blind and it gets very tight. It has a very very very late apex, and people just dont expect that. Because they think, «Well, the turn should be over now.

And you see a lot of accidents happen there. So you have to stay very slow, very much on the outside, slow feet fast hands, and get it right. And this is something that people really mess up. So this is I would say in terms the blind corners, Kallenhard is definitely one of the most challenging ones. For the majority of the course, drivers will find that there is less than a meter separating the track from the barriers.

This means that even the slightest mistakes can result in cars smashing into the walls. But as intimidating a track like the Green Hell can be, Misha has a few simple words of advice for those everyday drivers looking to tackle the Ring for their very first time.

Misha: I always say you can not impress here anyone after 93 years of history, but you can make everybody laugh. So make sure to be the person that does not make us laugh after ending up on YouTube for some bad crash video. Read next. US Markets Loading H M S In the news. Daniel Gessner. Facebook Icon The letter F. Email icon An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email.

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Most dangerous race tracks in the world. The 8 Deadliest Race Tracks In The World


Motorsport has never been a safe sport, often putting safety as a lower priority than outright speed. While safety has come an incredible way in racing cars, some of the tracks we race on can still be incredibly dangerous. Located in Germany, this behemoth of a track totals over 20 km long with more than turns and is a sight to behold.

From wide open straights, into hairpin corners and even banked sweeping sections like the carousel, there is a little of everything here mixed with a lot of terror. To date, during official races, there have been surprisingly few deaths there.

This is partly due to the track only playing host to certain GT series which are skilled drivers in cars which are not insanely powerful, and partly due to the fantastic safety concerns of modern cars and the track itself. Provided you pay your fee and have the appropriate gear, usually just a helmet, anybody can go for a blistering lap around this green hell. On average, six members of the public die every year trying to recreate the driving they have seen from trained professionals, dwarfing the death toll of any other track.

Host to one of the most famous TT races in the world, the Isle of Man is a small country which gets turned into one of the most impressive motorcycle races on an annual basis. Over 60 km with more than turns, this is a track to be taken seriously. Described as a living thing, the TT course remains public roads for the majority of the year, making it different every time you go out. To date, the Isle of Man TT course has claimed over lives and is still run as one of the most dangerous races in the world.

Isle Of Man Host to one of the most famous TT races in the world, the Isle of Man is a small country which gets turned into one of the most impressive motorcycle races on an annual basis.

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