Most liberal beach towns in north carolina.20 Best Cities for Democrat Retirees in 2021

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Most liberal beach towns in north carolina
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Finance Expand child menu Expand. Kitty Hawk is the place where Orville and Wilbur Wright first managed to fly. One of the highlights of a visit to Beaufort is a stop at the North Carolina Maritime Museum , where treasures from Blackbeard’s sunken pirate ship discovered just offshore are on display.

The 10 Best Places to Live in North Carolina Near the Beach.

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Most liberal beach towns in north carolina


Democrat retirees and seniors have a lot to consider when choosing the state in which they plan to retire. The costs of long-term senior care, regular medical care, and even the cost of home help aides have been increasing at a steady pace over the last 10 years.

Older democrats and retired democrats are more likely to choose places that offer lower income tax and cheaper health care as their retirement cities. Another draw of course will be the prevalence of other older democrats in the area. According to our analysis of of the largest cities in the country, we have identified these 20 cities as being the most desirable for Democrat retirees.

These cities were chosen based on:. After spending the majority of your adult life working and raising children, chances are you want to have a fresh start when it is time to retire.

When you no longer have to commute to work or maintain a large home for the family, a quiet place outside of the hustle and bustle sounds ideal. Most retirees aim to improve their quality of life while also saving money by moving to more affordable locations.

Seniors who are no longer in the workforce will spend more time socializing and nurturing their hobbies or interest. Of course, being that life will now be more centered around social activities and personal enjoyment, retirees will want to move to areas that have a higher concentration of like-minded residents. If you are a democratic senior who is looking for promising cities to retire to with others from your party, our top 20 list may come in handy.

Carlsbad is as close to retiring outside of the US you can get without the need of a passport. The city offers a vibrant cultural community with perfect weather year-round, access to the ocean, and a wide selection of exclusive retirement communities.

The cost of living in the city is higher than other parts of the country, however, the amenities, access to healthcare, and other perks explain the cost. The city is mostly democrats with a smattering of independents and a few pockets of republicans.

Fayetteville, Arkansas is a picturesque location for retirees and seniors who are living on a budget. The political climate is mixed, leaning slightly more towards a republican slant, however the population is very cordial. There are plenty of natural attractions and outdoor destinations to keep seniors in shape and entertained. The downtown area also offers a wide range of social attractions such as the Walton Arts Center, fine dining and more.

The cost of living is low and access to quality medical care is abundant. Though the area is not tax-friendly, the low cost of living makes up for it. Denver is ranked high on the list of ideal locations for seniors to retire. This is thanks in part to the strong infrastructure, high health rankings, and extra-large active senior population. Although the cost of living is slightly higher, there are more options available for healthcare and long-term senior care. The infrastructure supports creative transit for seniors and older adults.

Many of the highest-ranked nursing homes are located in the Denver area and the city boasts 24 health care facilities per 1, seniors. Augusta offers generous tax breaks for retirees and elderly residents in addition to providing a low cost of living. It ranks high on the list due to its strong infrastructure, diverse medical care centers, and strong social offerings for residents of all ages.

The weather is tame for most of the year, which makes it easier on older bodies. There are many attractions, live shows, and fine dining establishments for seniors to enjoy.

The local university also offers no-cost classes for seniors and boasts several specialist hospitals that have a focus on senior care. Hawaii is a beautiful island that has a wonderful, predictable climate that offers seniors a soothing way to spend their golden years in comfort. The cost of living is higher than the rest of the US, but in Hilo, it is much lower than the capital city of Honolulu. The lifestyle is calm and moderately paced but still offers seniors adventure in the form of unique nature.

The location is very tax-friendly and there is adequate access to healthcare, although specialized long-term care for some ailments is in short supply. Retirees from both political parties flock to Peoria thanks in part to the low cost of living, low housing cost, and the affordability of long term senior care. Although the cost of living is low, the city has a lot to offer its residents.

There are riverfront dining options, cultural attractions and diverse shopping centers for all tastes. There is plenty of healthcare options and easy access to transit throughout the city. For seniors or retirees that want to maintain the feeling of living in a big city without paying the big city cost, Des Moines is a perfect choice.

This city offers a high concentration of aging-related services and specialized health care facilities for seniors. The strong economy ensures that there is always something to do or some event to attend all year long. The taxes are a bit steep, but with everything else being affordable, this Democratic haven is one you must see. The Bluegrass State is appealing to seniors, retirees, and people of all ages.

Horse lovers from all walks of life and political leanings flock to Lexington thanks to its affordable cost of living and varied attractions. The acre nature preserve calls to the horse lovers and the Broadway musicals and other indoor entertainment calls to the bourbon aficionados. There are special classes available at the University of Kentucky for seniors, so there is always something to do or hobbies to peruse. Healthcare is among the best in the metro area and transportation is intuitive and easy to navigate.

The cherry on top is the easy tax rule offered to residents. College towns tend to offer more affordable housing, food, and healthcare which also makes them attractive to retirees.

Ann Arbor offers seniors a wealth of cultural and sporting events for entertainment. The cost of living is slightly higher, but the cost is offset by the other amenities offered to senior residents.

Elderly Democrats looking for an affordable city to live in after they retire will certainly enjoy Jackson. For those who love war history, this quaint city offers a wide selection of tours, museums, and other attractions.

The friendly tax policies, high concentration of skilled nursing care workers and specialized geriatric facilities are an added bonus. Kansas City offers the best of two states for retirees to enjoy. There are vibrant Museums for art and music as well as many outdoor attractions such as the zoo and Sea Life aquarium. The city is a college town, which means that the cost of food, housing, and healthcare is relatively lower than in other areas.

Even affordable classes are available to senior citizen residents. Transportation is abundant and geared towards those on a limited income. There are plenty of hospitals and clinics available for seniors as well.

Lincoln is situated just an hour north of the home of the famed Warren Buffett, in addition to having a myriad of its own treasures to offer. There are many gardens, restaurants, parks, theaters, and museums for retirees and their guests to enjoy. Like most college towns, the cost of living and amenities is relatively low compared to other locations. The healthcare system is robust here, offering seniors a whopping 30 facilities per 1, seniors. There are many stunning retirement communities and nursing homes available that are all priced affordably, which brings seniors from both political parties to this city for their retirement.

Albuquerque offers bright retirement prospects with is a perpetual single season. On average, there are days of sun every year, which makes it a perfect place for the aching bones of elderly seniors who are Democrats.

There are affordable golf courses, hot air balloon rides, casinos and plenty of fine dining options. The city is not very tax-friendly, but the lower than the average cost of living offsets the cost of taxes. There is a moderate number of senior care homes and specialized services available in the city, making it a smart choice for seniors with little to no health concerns.

Situated near the University of North Carolina and Duke University, Durham ranks high on the list of cities best suited for healthy aging. The city boasts a strong economy, a robust health care system, and a vibrant local culture. The crime rate is slightly higher in the city than other cities of the same size, but the lower cost of living and higher access to specialized senior care still draws retired democrats to the area.

The largest city in Ohio also happens to have the lowest cost of living compared to other similarly sized areas. Even though the city has a lower cost, nothing is sacrificed. There are a lot of cultural events to attend as well as plenty of shopping, galleries, and fine dining establishments.

Seniors over 60 are able to take free classes in local universities if they choose. Healthcare is abundant and affordable for seniors and students with a wide selection of long-term senior care faculties.

The Steel City is an ideal location for Democrat retirees. The cost of living is slightly higher; however, the cost of healthcare is much lower than in other areas.

Even social security and retirement income are not taxed, unlike other cities where all income is subject to taxation. Recreational options are diverse, as are parks and outdoor activities. When it comes to Southern charm, Charleston is the mold that other cities follow.

This beautiful city attracts Democrats and Republicans alike, thanks to is stunning history, lush dining options, and diverse outdoor attractions. The cost of living is slightly higher, however, the cost of health care is lower than the surrounding areas. The city has very easy tax terms for seniors and retirees which helps those on a limited income to stretch their retirement dollars further.

The healthcare system has several options for senior care and specialist care for senior-related conditions. Many of the senior living homes such as nursing homes and retirement communities provide boutique-style service to their residents.

All this, combined with moderate weather, makes Charleston a prime choice for retired seniors. Lake Champlain is the perfect backdrop for this small city in the mountains. For Democrat retirees that enjoy nature, there are plenty of biking paths, hiking trails, and sandy beaches to help fill the days of your golden years. The eco-friendly town offers a strong economy and many health-conscious options for senior living. The cost of living and taxes are higher than average, but the amenities and healthcare are some of the best in the whole state.

For active seniors who want to continue living in an eco-friendly way even during retirement, Burlington is an excellent choice. Thanks to Thomas Jefferson, Charlottesville has become a well-rounded community of residents that offer a blend of liberal edginess and Southern charm that creates a unique atmosphere that is welcoming to retirees from all over the country. There are more than miles of trails and other outdoor recreation options in nearby Shenandoah National Park and the Appalachian Trail.

The crime rate is much lower than in other areas and the senior wellness rankings for the city are higher than average.


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