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Please title your video. Recommendation letters should be written by teachers or other professionals who have firsthand knowledge of your art or academic achievements and can comment on your potential for graduate study. Blogs A curation of articles on abroad studies from experts and students. Each sample should be accompanied by text identifying the medium and year, and a four-sentence description explaining the concepts that inform your work 50 words maximum.

Rhode island school of design masters – rhode island school of design masters:.Graduate Study


We now have 16 graduate programs with 2 more being added in The core of any graduate program is concentrated and advanced study in an academic or professional field. Compared with undergraduate studies, graduate education is focused on producing original contributions to a field, based on research and advance practice.

Graduate programs also provide the opportunity for more applied experience via internships, teaching or research. Postgraduate writing and research is also included. Ports of entry , Forough Abadian. Revisionist Zinealog : a coacted countercultural device , Madaleine Ackerman. Reengineer value , Maxwell Altman. Space in sound , Gidiony Rocha Alves. Anybody home? Figural studies in architectural representation , David Auerbach.

An atlas of speculating flooded futures ; water keeps rising , Victoria Barlay. That mirror again , Kyros Barton. Notes on institutional architecture ; towards and understanding of erasure and coversation , Liam Burke. For a moment, I was lost ; a visual reflection on the process of grief and mortality within the home , Adam Chiang-Harris. Remnants , Sarah Chriss. Creative changemaking : designing is teaching , Kaitlyn Cirielli.

A thesis on the entanglement of art and design , Racquel Clarke. What the water says as it runs , Jeanette Cosentini. Practice makes perfect : finding inspiration in art education , Mercedes Rose Crespo. Embedded are the embers of echoes , Sarah Jane Cribbs. Notes to myself , Anna Dawson. Fertilizer waste mistreatment facilities: investigating the barrier that keep waste in and attention out at Central Florida’s phosphogypsum stacks.

Caregivers as worldbuilders , Caitlin Dippo. Youkoso Tokyo : Guidebook to a new cybercity , Evelyn Ehgotz. Home: a landscape of narratives ; spaces through story telling , Tania S. Capture, control, circulate : can we queer regulatory power in Graphic Design?

A digital surreal , Michael Garel-Martorana. Moving through time , Anca Gherghiceanu. A wavering line , Ginger Gordon. Rising to the occasion : a resiliency strategy for Brickell, Miami , Stephanie Gottlieb. Just enough , Amelia Greteman. Food for an island : on the relationships between agriculture, architecture and land , Melinda Groenewegen.

Alien Encyclopedia , Zengqi Guo. Wall , Jazzmynn Chang Hong. Re-order the order of thing , Yingxi Sabrina Ji. Miles and miles and miles , Shannon Rose Jones. Openness , Qiwen Ju. Retelling a landscape through the alchemy of recasting , Amanda Lee. I don’t quite remember it that way , Margaret Lindon. Treeing: what remains of a pilgrim , Sichen Liu.

Abyss without vertigo , Jack Madden. Wanderer , Yuhan Ma. Connect: translating complexity through visual simplification , Ilhee Park. The color of stress , Jiemin Park. Other realms , Louis Rakovich. A collision of technology and art learning , Feifei Shen. In this form, together , Elana Shvalbe. Generative image systems and emergent play , Travess Smalley. Making Space : creative learners, digital spaces, and the relationships between them , Natalia Spritzer.

Artful healing: exploring creative expression and play in Children’s Hospitals , Phoebe Strobino. Slow ruptures; slow formations , Astra Thrastardottir. The sky is falling , Alexis Tingey. Mood follows matter , Maxwell Tyalor-Milner. Deconstruct the center: making space for the voices in the margins , Taylor Varnado. Un-done: The historiographical dialogue between past and present , Rachel Cobler Wollert.

Everything comes full circle , Lilan Yang. Zoomorphic amalgamation: speculative devices for alternative communication , Yuta Yang. Slow puzzle , Tzyy Yi Young. The subconscious as politics: an inquiry of collaborative design education through radical speculation , Nina Jun Yuchi. Insecurities: tracing displacement and migration , Hammad Abid. Building narratives: instilling old stories in new spaces , Sharanya Aggarwal. Responsive markets: structures supporting economic activity in postcolonial Mumbai , Bilal Ismail Ahmed.

Designing for space; exploring ways of simulating nature and everyday activities in zero-g environment , Sayit Alisan. Is it real? Solastalgic ecotone: the critical zone in suspension , Bareeq Bahman. Fableware from the garden of the grotesque , Matt Becker. Open articulations , Matthew Bejtlich. Sapping, smudging, staining: a feminized body , Breslin Shea Bell. Whores, sluts, and bitches; the perceived limits of sexualisation and the affects on space , Chloe Jenny Bennie.

Paperwork , Romik Bose Mitra. Psychological well-being through music listening , Majed BouGhanem. Black exposure: a new typology , Teisha Bradley. Cloak Wood , Thomas Brett. Shoes for advanced urban surfaces , Karan Buasakdi.

Imprints of home , Sara Burashed. Posthuman ecologies , Christine Chang. After plastic waste : plastic bottle knitting machine – design for value of recycling plastic , Du Cheng. Inclusive multi-sensory landscape: directing visually impaired people in a perception world , Tianqi Chen.

Urban tree community: living with tree spirits , Xueying Chen. The story of water , Zhanyi Chen. Space between memories: pause , Young Jae Cho. Imaging «Interracial»: performing racialized desire in «interracial» heterosexual hardcore pornography , Megan Christiansen.

When art education meets environmental issues: the interconnectedness of art and science , Eunhyung Julie Chung. Polyrhythms , Kevin Costante. Records of un learning , Gregory Deddo. Becoming a precipice: the liminality of queer cruising , Chance DeVille.

Personal positioning system , Laura Diez de Baldeon. In and of the body , Nicola DiFusco. Dal and rice , Anushka Divecha. Taking care , John Dixon. Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content. Masters Theses. Permissions Terms of Use.

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Rhode island school of design masters – rhode island school of design masters:. Master of Arts in Design Engineering


Student Tests Discover student tests for higher education admissions. Smithfield, USA. New York, USA. Read More. Locations Providence. Keystone Scholarship Discover the options our scholarship can give you. Student Loans Discover various options for student loans and financing to help you support your studies. Student Housing Discover various options for student accommodation all over the world.

Programs MA. Ask a Question General Information Can you send me more information about this program? MFA in Ceramics at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design is an opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge, skills, and career through innovation and research. Being a renowned university, Rhode Island School of Design receives enough funds to ensure the best education facilities for its students across all programs.

This post-graduate program offered on a full time basis has a well-designed curriculum that perfectly blends theory and practical learning. It prepares the students for their professional life to reach new heights of success.

The top-notch faculty, modern facilities, and the aura of creativity and innovation in the RISD campus is a life-changing experience for the students looking forward to kickstarting or upgrading their careers. Overall, a MFA in Ceramics at Rhode Island School of Design is an excellent opportunity to grow into a learned professional and bring new developments in the world. Admit Predictor. Sign up to unlock Admit Predictor and know your admit chances for any course. Get Admit Chances. Home Home Explore Explore.

Universities By Country. Explore other universities. University Deadlines Get to know the application deadlines of all courses across universities. Resources Resources Country United States. View all country guides. Courses Masters Computer Science. If your academic credentials are prepared in a language other than English, they must be translated into English by an approved translator before submitting. Enrolling students will later be required to submit official transcripts.

Graduate applicants to studio programs are required to submit 10—20 examples of visual work, with certain programs suggesting more specific ideas or portfolio requirements. Use SlideRoom to submit your graduate portfolio here. You may submit up to five videos as project documentation or excerpts of time-based media. Total runtime for all videos should be no more than five minutes. Please do not submit multi-page PDF files. Each sample should be accompanied by text identifying the medium and year, and a four-sentence description explaining the concepts that inform your work 50 words maximum.

If collaborative projects are presented, you must clearly identify your individual contribution. Furniture Design: In the MFA programs, students often make their own work as a means to understand complex ideas. The idea is that critical making combined with critical thinking leads to innovative objects. This experimental approach applies to tests and models as well as to full-size objects at human scale. Material experimentation includes traditional, new and hybrid materials as appropriate to individual student interest.

Choose your strongest work for your portfolio presentation—and it doesn’t necessarily have to be furniture. If possible, you should aim to show finished photographed work and minimize the number of process images you include. In addition to your portfolio materials uploaded to SlideRoom, we ask you to include a self-made video no more than 20 seconds duration of you making something. The committee is not looking for video with professional production values, but rather is interested in seeing you making something: small, large, modest or complex, any making action can work—the choice is yours.

This option shows the committee more about your interests. Please title your video. Industrial Design: The MID programs nourish interdisciplinarity and diversity as a way of inspiring a rich exchange of alternative perspectives and approaches.

In addition to your portfolio materials uploaded to SlideRoom, you are encouraged to include a self-made video no more than 20 seconds duration of you making something. We are not looking for video with professional production values; we are interested in seeing you making something — small, large, modest or complex, any making action can work, the choice is yours.

This is an option you might enjoy adding to your submission for us to learn more about your interests. Finally, please title your video. Landscape Architecture: All applicants to the Master’s of Landscape Architecture degree programs are required to submit a portfolio and an additional video essay. Your portfolio should contain 10 individually produced and carefully chosen images of work that reflects your interests in landscape and the discipline of landscape architecture.

Applicants to the MLA-1 program who have no prior design training may include photographs, sketches or written work that conveys their ability to observe, identify and explore spatial conditions within the landscape. All other applicants should include a selection of work that demonstrates their interests and development in design.

All work should be labeled to indicate if it is academic, professional or personal. If you present a team project, clearly identify your individual contribution.

The portfolio should include a minimal amount of text. In the video, please show yourself speaking on screen.


– Rhode island school of design masters – rhode island school of design masters:

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