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It allowed the Achievement Hunters to bring back one person from the dead at a time. However, the ritual only worked once, preventing anyone who died after being revived via the ritual from being revived again.

Geoff Ramsey is killed. It was also discovered that the ritual can only bring back a person from the dead once, with Trevor Collins comparing the ritual to the Dragon Balls. The group lamented that the ritual required a large amount of gold, since they would need to build three Towers of Pimps to resurrect each of the three deceased Achievement Hunters.

However, before any of the Hunters could be revived, they suffered a fourth loss when Geoff Ramsey was shot by a Skeleton in the cave below the group’s island base, causing him to fall to his death. Once the required amount of gold to build a single Tower of Pimps was collected, the group decided to wait until the next episode to commence with the ritual for the first time.

After some initial discussion between the Achievement Hunters , and after previously collecting the necessary gold to build a Tower of Pimps , the group decided that Michael Jones would be the first Achievement Hunter to be revived since he was the first to die. The group thereby commenced with the ritual for the first time, stacking the four gold blocks on top of an obsidian block located behind Michael’s grave.

Since Michael’s ghost was standing in the group’s Sheep pen, Michael was resurrected in the middle of the pen. Once he exited, the other Achievement Hunters learned that Michael was now part- Zombie. The newly resurrected Michael exhibited sudden changes in behavior, such as trying to push Trevor Collins into the group’s cactus and being unable to tell steak apart from Rotten Flesh when both were offered to him.

Later, Ryan Haywood was killed by a Creeper. After once again collecting the necessary gold, the group stacked the four gold blocks on an obsidian block behind Ryan’s grave. Unlike Michael, Ryan fell down from the world’s height limit. When he landed, the group learned that Ryan was now part- Enderman. The resurrected Ryan exhibited some of the same behaviors as Michael before him; when he was offered the choice of a porkchop or Rotten Flesh, Ryan instead wanted to eat the arms that were offering him the meat.

Michael Jones , the first person to be brought back from the dead via the ritual, would later become the first person to become permanently dead. Michael decided to destroy the Cave Spiders’ spawner before they became a problem, but Michael was cornered and killed by a group of them.

Trevor, having left to get a sandwich in real life, blocked himself into a nearby wall to avoid danger, leaving him unable to help Michael in his time of need. Michael’s ghost would later blame Trevor for his death.

Meanwhile, Ryan Haywood , the second person to be brought back from the dead via the ritual, would become the second person to become permanently dead. Despite being over 2, blocks away from Achievement Hunter ‘s island base, he decided to walk the entire way there on foot.

When night fell, Ryan built a small hut to keep himself safe. However, he decided to farm experience with a horde of Zombie s that were outside.

He opened the door to kill them, only for the Zombies to swarm Ryan’s hut and beat him to death. After the deaths of Michael and Ryan, the group decided to resurrect Matt Bragg. Having gathered the necessary gold and obsidian, the Achievement Hunters stacked the four gold blocks on top of the obsidian block behind Matt’s grave, and Matt was resurrected. Unlike Michael and Ryan, Matt did not come back as a fusion of himself and another mob, but instead came back with memories of his time in the afterlife.

Matt also did not experience the change in personality that Michael and Ryan had experienced. Jack was revived, crying about the Creeper that had killed him. After the group gathered more gold, Geoff was revived. However, Jack and Geoff were both later killed for a second time Jack from another Creeper and Geoff from walking into lava , leaving them both permanently dead. Gavin was the last person to be revived via the ritual.

Matt and Gavin were later killed a second time, leaving them permanently dead. When the deaths of both Jeremy Dooley and Trevor Collins left Alfredo Diaz the sole remaining Achievement Hunter, he decided to abandon the group’s base rather than revive them, knowing he could not collect the necessary gold by himself. The Tower of Pimps Ritual is initiated by building a Tower of Pimps on the grave of a deceased Achievement Hunter , which will resurrect them once all four gold blocks are stacked.

However, it is only able to bring back one person at a time. The ritual causes dark clouds and lightning to appear around the area where the ritual is being performed. While it is able to bring back people from the dead, the resurrected are left horribly deformed; for example, Michael Jones was left half- Zombie , while Ryan Haywood was left half- Enderman. This even extends to their personalities: when Michael and Ryan were offered either meat or rotten flesh, Michael was unable to tell the difference between them, and Ryan wanted to eat the arms offering him the meat.

Additionally, every person revived via the ritual is able to remember their deaths as well as what the afterlife is like, [2] with Geoff Ramsey preferring the afterlife to being alive. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don’t have an account? Tower of Pimps Ritual. History Talk 0. You and your fucking sandwich. Universal Conquest Wiki. Once finished, this notice may be removed.



The tower of pimps.The Negatower

In the Achievement Hunter office, there is also a miniature model of the Tower of Pimps which rotates from desk to desk. Tags: tower of pimps, roosterteeth, rooster teeth, achievement hunter, achievement hunters, minecraft. You cannot overwrite this file.


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