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Photo by Jasin Boland. All Rights Reserved. The film, directed by Thor: Ragnarok helmer Taika Waititi, gives Jane a more fantastical spin by turning her into Mighty Thor after she bonds with Mjolnir, which was destroyed by Hela, the Goddess of Death, читать полностью Ragnarok. In the comics, Jane Foster becomes Mighty Thor after being diagnosed with cancer.

Now that Love and Thunder has been released, we have an answer. Thor: Love перейти на источник Thunder shows Jane battling cancer.

Struggling to find a cure, she seeks out Mjolnir, which is part of a tourist exhibit in New Asgard. Once there, Mjolnir bonds with her, turning her into The Mighty Thor. Every time she turns back into a human, her condition worsens. Regardless, she teams up with Thor to stop Gorr the God Butcher Christian Bale — an individual possessed by the god-killing weapon known as the Necrosword — from murdering all deities in the universe, which he plans to accomplish by wishing for it to a cosmic creature known as Eternity, the embodiment of the universe.

She agrees, and says goodbye to Thor does valkyrie die in thor love and thunder he sets off to find Gorr for their final confrontation. Thor finds the God Butcher trying to free Eternity through Stormbreaker. Unfortunately, Gorr proves to be stronger than the God of Thunder, and quickly overpowers him. There, she uses Mjolnir to ржачно best places to eat in asheville with a view этом the Necrosword — the only way to defeat Gorr.

This seems to be the end of Jane, but the film has one surprise left …. Does valkyrie die in thor love and thunder tells her she is in Valhalla, a paradise afterlife for Asgardian warriors and gods, and confirms to her that she is вот ссылка. Heimdall welcomes her to her resting place, as Jane excitedly stares at her new home. After all, it seems to be the happy ending few crimefighters in the MCU get to have.

Having said that, could the hero return at some point down the line? Jane became the Mighty Thor inbut her time under that heroic identity was relatively brief. Inthe comics saw her meet a similar demise concept-wise, at least to her movie counterpart.

The hero was then revived by Odin and Thor, after which she gradually beat cancer and ultimately became a Valkyrie. Using a comic book as a template for something that could happen in a film is not always ideal — superhero movies tend to take many liberties with their source does valkyrie die in thor love and thunder. She can sense when someone does valkyrie die in thor love and thunder close to death, and she takes them into Valhalla, which is essentially the afterlife.

She can revive people. But when she revives people, sometimes she ends up in their body. It can be quite erotic. And then she has superhuman strength and is essentially God. Cut material from films is not guaranteed to be re-used for future entries, but there is a possibility, however minuscule it may be, that the powers discussed by Thompson become MCU canon at some point again, if they were indeed left out of Love and Thunder.

However, we should ultimately wait and see how things develop in the MCU to know for sure whether or not Marvel has any plans in store for Jane Foster. Let us know in the comments!

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‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ ending and post-credits: Who lives? Who dies?.Let’s Cut to the Chase — Who Dies in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’?

Spoilers abound beyond this point. Total Film The smarter take on movies. Gorr the God Butcher. Jane became the Mighty Thor in , but her time under that heroic identity was relatively brief. Amplifying Our Voices.


Who dies in Thor: Love and Thunder? Every death listed and explained.Who dies in Thor: Love and Thunder? | GamesRadar+

› entertainment › thor-love-thunder-deaths-ending-post-. Luckily, the film’s post-credits scene offers some hope. While she does die, viewers see her being welcomed into Valhalla — aka the honorable.


Does valkyrie die in thor love and thunder.Thor: Love and Thunder Ending Explained – Does Thor die at the end?


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