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Malcolm Robinson. Everything is made easy. If any issues come up, you have the personnel readily available to assist you and resolve your issue. Great school! I’ve grown so much both professionally and academically.

The skills that I’ve obtained will aid in a variety of settings in the future. I’ve been able to grow my own business due to the knowledge I’ve gained in my courses! Beth Tippie. I have learned so much and have met some incredible people. I am definitely happy I decided to make this incredible journey at Purdue University Global.

I will always remember my experiences here. Jessica Gonzalez. The courses were well guided and easy to follow. It was a great experience to interact with my classmates and Professors even via online.

Professors were always available, the learning systems used were also helpful. Since many were in different timezones the assistance through the assignments were easy to follow. Lucy Ubani. Is purdue university a good college transferred most of my credits is purdue university a good college another university, and almost all my credit transferred, which was amazing!!

Thank you PGU for that memorable experience! It meant a lot to me. Norka perez. Professors are very professionals and helpful. It is very comfortable to know that you have professors who support you and are there for you all the time and not matter what. Very knowledgeable Professors. Thinking of going further in is purdue university a good college education.

The modules were user friendly. I am looking forward to future should I decide to continue. Purdue Global offered me a doable schedule that I’ve now completed after 1. Nancy Collins. This is coming from a Purdue Global adn to bsn alumni that went through the program. Do not do this program. This program is a joke and held me back in my life with getting my BSN. Well, that is actually a big lie and let me tell you why.

Purdue Global is a complete joke. Lindsey Olson. I have been pleasantly surprised that they helped me every step of the way, encouraged me, and /9998.txt me succeed. I am appreciative of those that took time to explain to me what I didn’t understand, even multiple times.

I have nothing but wonderful praises for the school I attended. Thank you to all the teachers, faculty, and staff for making this an obtainable goal. Tess Robinson. Purdue Global gives me a platform to elevate myself and other people around me! I can’t wait to get to more job interviews and more opportunities that my education can provide into creating a future.

I can’t is purdue university a good college to grow my skills while working and become more than I have ever before.


Purdue University—West Lafayette – The Princeton Review College Rankings & Reviews – Student & Graduate Reviews


What began as a smattering of buildings has grown into a multi-campus university — including online — that educates students both nationally and internationally. The university boasts a The university pledges to continue being a leading institution in STEM research, international education, and innovative learning. Students looking to attend a university with well-established history, high-profile alumni, proven research results, and support for all students need to look no further than Purdue.

Below is information on what to expect from an education at Purdue University. More recently, the College of Engineering received the distinction of being the number 5 producer of undergraduate female engineers. Unique to the Purdue engineering program is the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Whether students are working in the largest academic propulsion lab in the world or working with AIAA Fellows like Sergey Macheret , they will have access to some of the most innovative minds and research at home and abroad.

In addition to engineering, students have 11 colleges to pick from that touch on everything from liberal arts to STEM, agriculture to management, and more. No matter what students pick, they will be attending one of U. News and World Report ranks its undergraduate engineering program at number 10 nationally. But beyond engineering, Purdue also falls into U. Over the years, the university has won funding from various federal agencies, including the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Education.

The individuals who have attended the university have included Pulitzer Prize winners, National Medal of Science recipients, members of Congress, and several Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients. Another famous football tradition that avid college football fans will be familiar with is the Old Oaken Bucket trophy. One of the oldest football trophies around, the tradition of adding an I Indiana or P Purdue link to the chain has been around since !

Finally, with all the intense research and learning that the university conducts, they also have a tradition of community, fun, and school spirit. Students can catch a break from their studies at the annual Spring-Fest where music, food, and family all come together to create a celebration of new beginnings.

The festival also features the largest insect festival in the nation, the Bug Bowl. Kids can come and participate in activities that include art projects, insect petting, and even the famous infamous? Greek Life, pre-professional clubs, intramural sports, fellowships, and even a particular club for using 3D printing to create prosthetic limbs are included in the club options for students looking for ways to be involved outside the classroom.

In addition, the university offers a wide range of centers, art galleries, and lecture series for students to access. Celebrating art and culture extends to the several art galleries housed at the university. Students can see different art mediums from local, national, and international artists. Finally, for students who are looking to add to their learning in the classroom, the university offers an eclectic selection of lectures featuring well-known writers, speakers, academics, and entertainers.

Originator and member of the Big Ten, Purdue has a well-established athletics history that spans plus years. The Division I sports the university offers include football, basketball, baseball, soccer, ice hockey, and volleyball.

Regularly in competition with rival Indiana University, Purdue remains in the lead for wins in and out of the state of Indiana. The annual rivalry football game that results in the winner of the Old Oaken Bucket has Purdue in the lead with the most wins. In addition, the volleyball and soccer teams have seen quite a bit of success in the last few years.

In , the soccer team had one of its best ever seasons, making it to the NCAA tournament and being ranked number 24 in the Top 25 United Soccer Coaches poll. Similarly, in , volleyball teammate Raven Colin competed with the U.

Beyond the competition and sport, Purdue is dedicated to student-athletes that excel in the classroom. One of the many ways this is seen is in the many Purdue student-athletes are regularly recognized as Academic All-Big Ten student-athletes. This distinction is offered to students who maintain good grades while playing sports. With a commitment to inclusion, environmental justice, women in STEM, and many more important issues, students who come to Purdue will find the impact of their education goes far beyond the classroom.

Being part of the Boilermaker community means being part of the future of space research and travel, contributing to an understanding of how to create more sustainable fuels, exploring how disease develops and how to cure it, and creating innovative technology to improve life.

Despite the university being over, Purdue creates an educational environment for students open to new ideas and to come up with better ways of living. Established in , the University of Chicago is a private research institution with a total….

Established in , Rice University is a private research university with a total undergraduate enrollment…. One of the eight elite Ivy League schools, Princeton University is a world-renowned institution of…. Start Here About Contact Us. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Is Purdue a Good School? College Profiles. Related Posts. What is University of Chicago Known For? Is University of Chicago a Good School? What is Rice University Known For? Is Rice University a Good School?

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Purdue ranked No. 4 most trusted public university in the U.S. – Purdue University News.


U Wisconsin is a good school, but Purdue’s more prestigious in engineering circles, in my opinion. However, in terms of overall experience overall academic quality, campus and city life etc ISU is definitely a very well respected Engineering program, just not as respected as Purdue I don’t think.

But, their engineers get recruited well and is very well regarded in industry, and as you can see the USnews ranking reflects that. As an engineering student at Purdue I am thoroughly convinced that the program here is one of the best. All of my classes are very hard, bar none. However, I will say that with the exception of schools such as MIT or Berkeley, Purdue enjoys a better reputation than most. On the contrary, Purdue is a famous name around the world, this will come of greater importance as you progress through life and find that the name is really what you are banking on when choosing a college, as the level of education probably varies only slightly among top programs.

Engineers are heavily recruited from Purdue in all industries, with job fairs attracting hundreds of international companies. Purdue also has the largest population of international students in the country, as they come from Asia and India for the engineering program. As a testament to what I have said, anyone that I talk to in FL has heard of Purdue, it serves a point that the school carries such a reputation. There is a higher acceptance rate than at other top programs, but I believe that this can be attributed mostly to the location and they size of the school – meaning that demand is not as great as supply in this case.

All in all, I have found my experience here to greatly exceed my expectations. I know that I will have one of the best jobs in the country when I graduate, and I will also have a great shot at getting into a top MBA program, as many undergraduate engineers go off to MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, etc.

I will always be proud that I went to Purdue and I will forever be in debt for the opportunities that have materialized while here. I would highly recommend Purdue to any individual who desires a great challenge and a wonderful experience.

Outside the midwest, Purdue reputation is very very good. As for if it’s good or not, if you graduate with decent grades in engineering in any top school, it won’t really matter if they’re 10th or 15th or 20th. If you do that it won’t matter which top school you go to. BUT, I don’t think it’s for you. So, I believe you’re MIT material. Why would you go to a school which doesn’t require SAT and essay for its application, if you can get into better schools which I’m very sure you’re capable of.

Btw, in Indonesia Purdue is not really well respected. Purdue is a much better overall school for engineering. Purdue ranks consistently in the top ten on those lists.

Purdue also has extensive international influence, many international student go to purdue and return to their homeland and contribute worldwide with the engineering knowledge they obtained at Purdue. All Rights Reserved. You’re comparing superlatives. Please enter a valid email address. Thanks for subscribing!

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