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What is the real meaning of ripe

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Caring for employees has never been harder, therefore, or more ripe for change. He had the insight to tell when infrared technology, formerly the province of the больше на странице, was ripe for routine use in a big project. Resembling the ripeness of fruit. Recent Examples on the Web Another, though, smacks of something ripe and rank: meanibg it feet cheese, although isovaleric acid is the technical term.




What is the real meaning of ripe.The Definition of Ripe


The adjective ripe here means «fully developed physically and mentally,» but the current use of the idiom usually just signifies a long lifespan. [Second half of s] See also: age, old, . Definition of ripe. 1: fully grown and developed: mature ripe fruit ripe wheat. 2: having mature knowledge, understanding, or judgment. 3: of advanced years: late a ripe old age. 4 a: . ripe (raɪp) adj. rip•er, rip•est. 1. completely matured or developed, as grain or fruit that is ready for harvesting or eating. 2. resembling fruit, as in ruddiness and fullness: ripe red lips. .



Ripe Definition & Meaning | .Ripe Fruit | Answers in Genesis



/ adjective. (of fruit, grain, etc) mature and ready to be eaten or used; fully developed. mature enough to be eaten or usedripe cheese. (of fruit or crops) completely developed and ready to be collected or eaten: Those bananas aren’t ripe yet – they’re still green. More examples.

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